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CyberPanel - an OpenLiteSpeed visual panel installation experience

I saw a model released by foreigners on LET a few days ago CyberPanel Panel, based on OpenLiteSpeed One click installation of the environment supports the installation of SSL FTP、DNS、PHPMYAdmin, PHP version supports PHP 5.3 - PHP 7.0. For OpenLiteSpeed and LiteSpeed, LLSMP one button package was still popular in early years.

Lao Zuo did not encounter the CyberPanel before, because he did not know the actual function of the panel, or even the interface, so he prepared a simple installation and experience of the functions in this article. Generally speaking, we recommend to use more mature panels. In the early days, these semi mature panels are better for playing and should not be used in the production environment.

First, official website

Official website address:

II. Installation preparation environment and installation

At present, according to the official instructions, it needs to be carried out on CentOS 7. x, Python 2.7, 256MB of memory or more, and 10GB of hard disk or more. So after Lao Zuo prepared these conditions, he was ready to install them.

tar zxf install.tar.gz
cd install
chmod +x
Python server IP address

Execute the command according to the official installation script document, and attach the IP address of the current server on the last line to perform the installation.

 CyberPanel - an OpenLiteSpeed visual panel installation experience - Sheet 1

After the installation, we can see the login address, user name and default 1234567 password of the CyberPanel panel. Of course, the password needs to be modified by logging into the background.

Third, CyberPanel experience function

1. Panel interface

 CyberPanel experience function

We can see that CyberPanel has the functions of site, database, DNS, post office, FTP, etc.

2. Create Site Feature

Different from general panels, this CyberPanel needs to create a package to set resource limits for the site before creating a site.

 CyberPanel - an OpenLiteSpeed visual panel installation experience - sheet 3

3. Self built post office

This panel also comes with a post office and logs in through RainLoop Webmail.

 CyberPanel - an OpenLiteSpeed visual panel installation experience - sheet 4

To sum up, CyberPanel, a new panel based on the OpenLiteSpeed environment, is only V0.1 at present. It has basic website building functions, as well as DNS, post office and other functions. Laozuo personally suggested that we play with the new panel, but the production environment should wait.

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