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LLsMP series tutorial 3: Litespeed starts the pseudo static method of htaccess

If our VPS uses LLsMP In case of architecture, the default htaccess Pseudo static It supports conventional CMS such as wordpress and discuz. But sometimes, after some programs are installed, or the background has started the pseudo static function, the foreground clicking on the page file does not achieve our effect, but the file displays 404 error pages. The main problem is that our pseudo static is not enabled, and we need to enable it Litespeed Turn on htaccess pseudo static. How to operate it?

The first step is to log into our Litespeed Panel, the general website is“ Your VPS ip: 7080 "Log in with the user name and password we set when we built the VPS;

 Litespeed enables the htaccess pseudo static method

Step 2: click "configuration" - "server", and you will see the panel HT ACCESS position at the bottom of the interface, followed by the edit button link;

Check everything except "NONE". Then we need to restart Litespeed.

 Restart LiteSpeed

Finally, we need to use pseudo static files in the future. As long as there is an htaccess file in the root directory, the corresponding startup will take effect.


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