The world needs heroes!

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A rich businessman was dying. He called his three young sons to the head of his bed.
He asked his eldest son, "how much do you want from me?"
The eldest son thought, I am the eldest brother, should get the most, so he said: "I want all your money." The rich merchant listened and said, "take it." He shook his head.
He called his second son and said, "what do you want?" The second son thought, big brother is really stupid, money will be used up one day, so he said: "I want all your houses, land and shops." The rich merchant said lightly, "take it." Still shaking his head.
Then, with his last effort, he took his little son's hand and said, "you are the youngest and the wisest, but I have nothing left." Without hesitation, the youngest son pointed to his father's purse and said, "I only want this." Hearing this, the rich merchant handed the money bag to his little son with a smile, touched his head and took his last breath.
Coming out of his father's room, the eldest son and the second son came up and asked, "why did the father shake his head when he gave us the inheritance, but he laughed when he gave it to you?"
The younger son said, "I don't know, but I got what I wanted, and that's enough."
The greedy elder brother and the second brother thought for a moment. They thought that there must be something strange in it. "I think there is a ghost in the purse." maybe it is more valuable. So they decided to open the purse and have a look.
After all, the younger son could not rival the elder brother and the second brother, so he said, "you can open it and see it." After the two brothers opened the purse, they found that there were only ordinary 200 coins in it, which were the cash that my father had always carried with him in his business. However, the two unreasonable brothers still did not believe that it was over, so they decided to take a coin, and take the bag containing the money, and go back to find out.
After the two brothers left, the younger son took the remaining coins and laughed happily. "This is the most precious thing that my father left me. Even if it is a coin, it is also my father's infinite expectation... After all, my brothers did not understand my father's expectation."
Therefore, he took the remaining 198 coins and bought the play version of "watch the vanguard".
The world needs heroes


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