VMware prompt: The kernel device " . Global vmx86" cannot be opened: the system cannot find the specified file.

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Open the virtual machine as follows:

Unable to open kernel device " . Global vmx86": the system cannot find the specified file. Do you want to reboot after installing VMware Workstation?

This is because the virtual machine is not shut down normally and the virtual machine service is not started successfully

Solution: CMD can execute the following commands in turn( Remember to use the administrator Permission Open CMD and Execute~

net start vmci

net start vmx86

net start VMnetuserif

Then set these services to boot automatically

For win10, execute this:

sc config vmci start= auto

sc config vmx86 start= auto

sc config VMnetuserif start= auto

The win7 system is slightly different:

sc config vmci=auto

sc config vmx86=auto

sc config VMnetuserif=auto



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