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Because domestic cloud servers do not provide IPv6 address, the transition method for adaptation may reduce the access speed to a certain extent, but the overall impact is not large.

The current access rules are as follows:

Site primary domain name vv1234. cn As well as the map bed outside the chain domain name wx1. vv1234. cn

Default support ipv6+ipv4 Dual stack access

Considering that most of the University's IPv6 traffic is free and the cost of IPv4 traffic is too high,

Therefore, users of education network will be forced to take the IPv6 line (the speed may be slightly slower)

Of course, for other uncontrollable reasons,

Please pay attention to the following:

The services of other third-party manufacturers used by this site will still generate traffic costs

For example: cnzz traffic statistics of Alibaba cloud, front-end monitoring service of arms, and music chain of Netease

And through Third party live source watching live TV and other situations.

Users of other lines do not affect it,

If you open the station too slowly, welcome feedback,

Thank you very much.



At present, China is in the state of IPv6 development, in order to avoid causing a wide range of access barriers,

For the time being, it is only open to the overseas users with mature development status of education network and IPv6.


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