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Emlog calls the article title+link+thumbnail in the specified column

There are few tutorials for mommy emlog, and the development document is more like a joke. You have to deal with everything yourself Recently, we are working on an emlog template, and need to call the articles in the specified column. Baidu+asked for advice, and finally came out. Copy the code to "Sherry Blog", original address: The code is as follows

Emlog Tutorial 2015-05-19 eleven thousand one hundred and ten 0 Comments

A case where the thumbnail of the zblogphp article list cannot be called
 A case where the thumbnail of the zblogphp article list cannot be called

I met this situation when I was dealing with a problem for a customer today. The list page of zblogphp can call the shrinkage chart of the article, as shown in the figure below. There are many plug-ins that can do this, but we don't need to list them. Go to the zblog application center to find them. Speaking of the problem, the customer said that he suddenly found that the thumbnail of the article list could not be called out. He gave me the background account password and looked at it. He found no problem. He tested and published an article and uploaded one

course 2014-09-28 seven thousand seven hundred and sixty-one 1 Comments

Method of calling article thumbnail by zblogphp
 Method of calling article thumbnail by zblogphp

Zblogphp has been out for some time. Recently, I have some experience when debugging the template of zblogphp. I hope it can be a reference for you. This article shares the function of zblogphp to call article thumbnails. Although zblog is just a blog system, a system like zblog is a little overqualified just for blogging. There is no pressure to do cms. The most common functions of doing cms are those. It is always necessary to do something like cms

course 2014-03-04 eleven thousand and nine 7 Comments

Solution to the problem of thumbnail deformation in dedecms5.7

The results of Baidu search for "dedecms thumbnail deformation" are all for dedecms 5.6 version, but the problem of dedecms 5.7 shrinkage map deformation cannot be found. Today, I was really upset with the deformed image. I spent some time searching and finally solved this problem. The label used to call the reduction chart of the 5.7 kinds of list pages in dedecms is "[field: arrayrunphp='yes&

course 2013-12-27 seven thousand one hundred and fifty-seven 0 Comments

Zblog uses css to define the size of thumbnail without deformation
 Zblog uses css to define the size of thumbnail without deformation

The ytcms and minitu plug-ins in zblog can make many effects together, such as the two effects on the home page of this website, as shown in the following figure: This involves a problem, how to set the size of the thumbnail and ensure that the image does not deform. The background of the minitu plug-in can set the image size, which can certainly solve the problem. But if a website uses thumbnails in several places, and the size of thumbnails is different, you should think differently

course 2013-05-16 thirteen thousand and eighty-seven 2 Comments

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