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contact us

Tianxing Studio contact information:

QQ: two billion seventy-six million four hundred and ninety-six thousand six hundred and sixteen

Standby QQ: 1109856918;

WeChat: txcstxcom (few replies from WeChat may not be timely);


Telephone: It is better to contact QQ if you have something to do;

Generally, QQ is online from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., and there is always a reminder in the mobile email. So I can usually be contacted. website You can also leave a message. The website is usually read every day.

If you really can't contact me, then

I can't help it. Maybe we have no fate.

I'm joking. I have enough words to publish

yes four Comments from netizens:

  •  Included by Xiao Zeng Ai

    Included by Xiao Zeng Ai 1 year ago (2023-05-30) reply

    Excuse me, is there any template writing business next? How many

    •  Tianxing Studio

      Tianxing Studio 1 year ago (2023-05-30) reply

  •  ddgfff

    ddgfff 10 years ago (2014-12-15) reply

    The blue template page is too slow. Is it the reason for minitu?

    •  Tianxing Studio

      Tianxing Studio 10 years ago (2014-12-15) reply

      be on the cards. You can test it yourself. Stop the minitu plugin to see the response.

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