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Tianxing Studio zblog series video tutorial section 7: template modification

Tianxing Studio 2017-04-29 11:01 Video Tutorials fourteen thousand six hundred and sixty-seven 2 Comments

Tianxing Studio zblog Section 7 of the series of video tutorials: Template modification



2. Theme Editing Plug in

3. "Kod file management" plug-in

find Template folder

Find the corresponding template file

Supplementary text tutorial:

Description of zblog program file:

Zblog topic Template file description:

yes two Comments from netizens:

  •  Ventilation engineering

    Ventilation engineering Six years ago (2017-09-01) reply

    Thanks, I learned

  •  Qing Xia

    Qing Xia Seven years ago (2017-05-01) reply

    How to modify the template width?

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