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after-sale service

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after-sale service

Tianxing Studio The after-sales services provided include: bug repair+free upgrade+free technical support; Explain item by item.

Bug fix:

If you find a bug in the application made by Tianxing Studio, please feel free to contact our online qq: 1109856918 for feedback, and we will fix the bug in time.

Ps1: Bug means you are using Template Or an error occurs during the plug-in process (page dislocation, abnormal function, etc.).

Ps2: If the bug is not caused by our template, it is not within the after-sales scope. How to troubleshoot, right? It is recommended to switch to the default theme. If the problem still exists, it can be determined that the error is not caused by the theme itself.

Free upgrade:

Tianxing Studio provides a permanent free upgrade for all our applications. Please see the specific upgrade steps:

Free technical support:

Tianxing Studio provides permanent free technical support for all paid users.

What is technical support?

If you encounter difficulties in using our paid application, you can contact our online qq: 1109856918 for technical support at any time.

What are the restrictions?

Free technical support is limited to problems encountered in the application process, such as how to install and set.

Ps: Personalization modification is not within the scope of technical support! The most we can tell you is the file structure. Please search and study by yourself how to modify it!

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