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What should I do if I forget the background password of zblogphp?

Tianxing Studio 2015-06-06 22:49 Zblogphp Tutorial twenty-two thousand eight hundred and sixty-eight 1 Comments

Many friends are caused by various reasons zblog I forgot my background password, so I couldn't log in to the background. What should we do at this time?

The first method (recommended): download zblog official tool "nologin" from: Click Download Or go to the official zblog forum to download: Click to enter

This tool is also very simple to use. After downloading, unzip it to get a nologin.php file, upload it to the root directory of the server, and then enter "your domain name /Nologin. php ", open it to the following interface:

 What should I do if I forget the background password of zblogphp? Password Forgot Background Password zblogphp Tutorial Page 1

Then click Login

The second method (used when the first method is invalid): directly enter the database for modification. The database table name is "zbp_member". The "mem_password" in the database is the password. The MD5 encrypted table can be decrypted or replaced with "admin" encrypted table.

Note: The second method is only theoretical and may not be successful. It is recommended that friends with practical ability go to the trouble.

PS: Pay attention to the backup. Don't come to me if it's broken

zblogasp The version forgot the background password. Please see this article: What should I do if I forget my background login password?

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