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About Applying Updates

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About Applying Updates

Prior statement: Tianxing Studio All applications are only sold in two channels, except that all versions sold in all channels are pirated.

This article introduces the application update and upgrade steps of Xiatianxing Studio. First, you need to determine which platform your application was purchased from, and then follow the corresponding steps below.

stay zblog official Application Center Purchased:

After receiving the app update reminder on the background home page, click you website Left side of backstage navigation bar In the "Application Center", click "Check for Application Updates", and an application that can be upgraded will appear. Click "Update Application", as shown below:

 About Application Update Sheet 1

If the above steps fail, there are generally only two reasons:

1. If you have not logged in to the application center, the prompt "Log in to the" Application Center "Mall" will appear on the left side of the figure above. Follow the instructions to log in to the application center;

2. After logging in to the application center, the application cannot be updated. At this time, you need to check whether the application was purchased in the application center? Did you buy it with this account?

Purchased on the official website of Tianxing Studio:

Please open the official website of Tianxing Studio after receiving the application update prompt in the background of your website“ ”, log in to your account.

Then click "Order Management" on the left side of the membership center page, find the corresponding order and click the download application button, as shown below:

 About Application Update Sheet 2

Download the application installation package locally in the pop-up dialog box.

Then go back to the background of your website, open the theme management or plug-in management, and upload the application package file you just downloaded directly to complete the application update and upgrade.

Note 1: The application update does not affect the data of your website and the data whose theme has been set!

Note 2: Tianxing Studio can basically ensure that the applications downloaded for order management are the latest version!

If you have other doubts about the application update, please contact our online qq: 1109856918 for online consultation.

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