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Emlog call
Emlog calls the specified article content, title, url, etc

When making an emlog theme, the homepage needs to call the content of an article, so Baidu. I found this on Seli Blog and reprinted it, hoping to help friends in need. Original address: The code of emlog calling the specified article content, title, url, etc. is as follows:

Emlog Tutorial 2015-11-29 eleven thousand three hundred and three 1 Comments

Emlog calls the article title+link+thumbnail in the specified column

There are few tutorials for mommy emlog, and the development document is more like a joke. You have to deal with everything yourself Recently, we are working on an emlog template, and need to call the articles in the specified column. Baidu+asked for advice, and finally came out. Copy the code to "Sherry Blog", original address: The code is as follows

Emlog Tutorial 2015-05-19 eleven thousand three hundred and eleven 0 Comments

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