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Zblogphp comes with a complete set of js framework comment interfaces

Zblogphp has launched its own js front-end framework since version 1.5: Z-BlogPHP JavaScript Framework; Some commonly used events on the front end are encapsulated and built into the zblogphp.js file. The js of the theme only needs to be simply called according to the regulations, which greatly simplifies the process and unifies the standards. Share some use cases in the following official git library://Comment

Zblogphp Tutorial 2020-12-04 two thousand three hundred and ten 0 Comments

The zblogphp hook interface inserts the specified content into the article body

If you want to batch insert the specified content before or after the body of each article, you can follow this tutorial. Ps: You need to have some hands-on ability. In addition, before proceeding, you must back up the website data to the local place to avoid accidents. First, open the include.php file in the theme or plug-in you are using, and attach this interface to the "ActivePlugin" function: Add_Filter_Plugin (&# 39

Zblogphp Tutorial 2020-07-14 three thousand and seventeen 0 Comments

In 2020, version 1.6 of zblog will finally go online
 In 2020, version 1.6 of zblog will finally go online

Three years later, on March 26, 2020, zblogphp finally launched the latest version: Z-BlogPHP1.6Build162090. Update notice If your site is an official site, please update carefully. The correct update step is to switch the theme to the default theme first, and then close all plug-ins except the official ones; Follow the steps below again! Ps: It is not recommended to update the latest version at the first time. Please wait for your theme and plug-in to upgrade

resources 2020-03-26 three thousand four hundred and forty 0 Comments

The call tags of the total number of articles and comments called by zblogphp

If you want to call the total number of articles and pages in the zblog topic, there is no ready-made tag on the official zblog wiki. In this article, I will try my best to give a general description (because I haven't fully understood it myself...). There are all kinds of website information in the background home page of zblog website information, and the "website information" in the management of zblog module also has information calls. After looking at the source code of these two places, we roughly classified the following calling codes: Total number of articles: {$zbp -

Zblogphp Tutorial 2018-03-16 six thousand one hundred and sixty-nine 1 Comments

Discussion on setting tags for zblogphp comments

Today, a user reported a problem to us. "Number of comments output per page" is set in zblogphp background website settings - comment settings, but the foreground template displays abnormally. This problem was found to be a small bug caused by the change of function name after zblogphp was upgraded to 1.5. The call tag of zblogphp1.5 "Number of output comments per page" is: {$zbp ->Config ('s

Zblogphp Tutorial 2017-08-04 five thousand two hundred and fourteen 0 Comments

Zblog 1.5 officially released: Z-BlogPHP 1.5 Zero Released!

This afternoon, the official website officially released the version 1.5 of zblogphp. Before you are ready to upgrade, please pay attention to: 1. Be sure to backup the website before updating. At least there is a way out if there is an error; 2. Don't panic if something goes wrong after the upgrade. If nothing goes wrong, it is usually caused by the theme or plug-in you are currently using that is incompatible with zblogphp1.5; 3. As the old saying goes, if you like to try something new, please upgrade carefully if you have too much data!! Official website

resources 2016-10-31 seven thousand two hundred and seventy-eight 2 Comments

Zblogphp determines whether the user logs in

With zblogphp becoming more and more powerful, users have more and more personalized needs. Recently, Tianxing Studio often meets users who want to set up zblogphp member center. How to build a simple membership center? Please refer to: Today, this article will share how zblogphp determines that a user has logged in on the front page. If so, it will display

Zblogphp Tutorial 2016-10-21 six thousand four hundred and twenty-nine 0 Comments

Zblogphp obtains articles of multiple categories and sorts them according to the specified requirements (the latest hot reviews)

This article is reproduced from the Bird Blog. The original address is: Because this method is too easy to use, and the bird's writing is too simple... So I reorganized and distributed them, hoping to help friends in need. The following is an encapsulated function. Copy and paste the code into the

Zblogphp Tutorial 2016-04-18 nine thousand one hundred and sixty-two 2 Comments

Can ZBLOG PHP use PHP 7?

Does the blogger's ZBLOG use PHP 7? How fast?

Q&A 2016-01-19 five thousand five hundred and forty 2 Comments

Zblogphp's Pits: Why are sub classified articles not displayed under the parent category?
 Zblogphp's Pits: Why are sub classified articles not displayed under the parent category?

This is definitely a big hole in zblogphp. People often ask: Why are the articles of zblogphp subcategory not displayed under the parent category?? Today, I saw another question on the forum, "Help, the background classification management has set up a parent-child classification, and the posts are associated with a subcategory. Why don't they appear under the foreground parent classification?" How can I start with this question Let's start with the solution, Super Jane

Zblogphp Tutorial 2015-06-15 seven thousand three hundred and forty-nine 3 Comments

Precautions for the use of Z-BlogPHP on HiChina free virtual host
 Precautions for the use of Z-BlogPHP on HiChina free virtual host

This article is reproduced from the zblog official forum, and the author is Doctor (ZSX). The original address is: Many friends participated in the activity of getting free virtual hosts held by Wanwang. This free host often has problems when using the zblogphp program. Doctor summarized the following reasons

Zblogphp Tutorial 2015-06-12 fifteen thousand one hundred and forty-one 1 Comments

Zblogphp image immobilizer code Other files are also available

Today, I accidentally found that a garbage dump directly stole my CSS, js, pictures, etc., imitating a site similar to Tianxing Studio,. The anger in my heart It took me a little time to understand the function of this anti-theft chain, and share it. I hope it can help friends in need. The code is as follows: RewriteEngineonRewriteCond

Zblogphp Tutorial 2015-05-20 seven thousand four hundred and thirty-five 5 Comments

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