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Dedecms tutorial

Dedecms Tutorial Summary

Some complaints about dedecms charging licensing fees
 Some complaints about dedecms charging licensing fees

On September 26, 2021, the official website of dedecms issued a statement: then many webmaster groups exploded. After all, there are still many webmasters using dedecms to build websites. However, after reading this statement, I only felt the madness of dedecms, which is totally crazy. The following is a bit of personal complaints. First of all, copyright must be respected. After all, I am an independent developer myself. It is also a fact that open source projects are not easy to make money. But the information seen in some channels

Dedecms tutorial 2021-09-29 one thousand eight hundred and thirty-six 0 Comments

Dedecms prompt: Deprecated: __autoload() is deprecated, use spl_autoload_register() instead in
 Dedecms prompt: Deprecated: __autoload() is deprecated, use spl_autoload_register() instead in

Today I moved to a dedecms website. Follow the normal steps: copy the web file, export and import the database with phpmyadmin, and modify the database information in "data/common. inc. php". It is normal to open the home page. When logging in to the background, you will be prompted "Deprecated: __autoload() isdeprecated, usespl_autoloa..."

Dedecms tutorial 2019-03-03 fifteen thousand eight hundred and ninety-eight 0 Comments

Method of calling article classification name by dedecms article title

I have to say that dedecms is too bloated A simple title seo has to toss about. The format of the article page title of the dedecms default template is "article title" _ "website name". Those who know a little about seo will tell us that the title is bad and needs to be changed! Add all classification names, no matter how many levels of classification, add column names! After a lot of work, the article title after the final implementation is: "Article Title" _

Dedecms tutorial 2017-10-22 seven thousand eight hundred and twenty-three 1 Comments

Dedecms calls all sub columns and three-level columns under the current column

Recently, dedecms is in trouble. In fact, dedecms has more holes than zblog. The templates are all from htm. You can't write php code directly. To add any php functions, you have to write functions. In many cases, the functions provided by the system are not enough. So Today, a first level column called the functions of the second level column and the third level column under the current column. First, directly code: {dede: channelartlist}<

Dedecms tutorial 2017-10-19 eleven thousand eight hundred and seventy-three 0 Comments

Free list is required for dedecms to make blog style

I'm really used to zblog and blog list style. A customer found Tianxing Studio a few days ago and needed to convert a set of zblog templates produced by Tianxing Studio into dedecms templates. When I followed this list, I found it was a pit! Dedecms is a cms program, and the front page is all arranged in cms style. The home page thinks that the list arrangement+paging of articles like zblog is not

Dedecms tutorial 2015-08-21 eight thousand three hundred and ninety-three 0 Comments

Summary of GB2312 to UTF-8 for dedecms encoding conversion

Recently, I met a problem that a customer's website uses dedecms. The code is GB2312, and when the website article is shared to the circle of friends, it is garbled (see details: Is it garbled when the website article is shared to the WeChat circle of friends?). Then the solution is transcoding After a day of trouble, remember the next process. The general steps are as follows: download all the files on the website before transcoding and save them locally; Log in to the background - system - database backup/restore, and click Backup

Dedecms tutorial 2015-07-01 nine thousand three hundred and ninety-seven 0 Comments

How to use dedecms after adding a linkage category
 How to use dedecms after adding a linkage category

Recently, I received a list of dedecms. I felt that dedecms and its masters can add linkage categories directly in the background, but you can't call them directly. You have to change some codes. Isn't this a semi-finished product of the masters?? The slotting is completed. After several days of trouble, we finally solved all the problems. I will recall the process for future reference. Step 1: Add the required linkage in the background - core - linkage category management as usual

Dedecms tutorial 2015-03-20 ten thousand three hundred and fifty-one 1 Comments

The calling method of the fields created by dedecms in the template
 The calling method of the fields created by dedecms in the template

Damn, dedecms is a bit more complicated than zblog. It can't be called when a new field is created in the template. Baidu search it, feeling that Baidu doesn't understand my heart anymore Sad. Well, let's talk about my process of "calling methods of fields created by dedecms in the template". In the background -- core -- content model management

Dedecms tutorial 2015-03-12 seven thousand four hundred and ninety-eight 0 Comments

Dedecms calls different methods in the first and following articles in the article list
 Dedecms calls different methods in the first and following articles in the article list

The title of this article was originally used by me to search Baidu directly to solve the problem, but I was tired and half dead after searching for the answer. Maybe my language organization ability is so weak that Baidu doesn't know what I'm talking about. Later, I had a brainstorm to download a dedecms template with similar effect to dissect it, find out the solution, and share it to avoid forgetting. First of all, in the previous picture, this article will

Dedecms tutorial 2015-03-06 fifteen thousand six hundred and forty-nine 0 Comments

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