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The number of articles displayed per page is different for different categories of wordpress

Recently, I was preparing to convert the app theme of Tianxing Studio from zblog to wordpress. In the process, I encountered the need for different classification settings and the number of articles displayed per page. After solving this problem, I wrote this tutorial to introduce the next process. The number of articles displayed on each page of WordPress is set in the background - Settings - Reading - Blog page at most by default, but this is a public configuration, and all categories will use this number. When we need

Wordpress Tutorial 2022-04-24 one thousand four hundred and fifty-nine 0 Comments

Wordpress gets the top-level classification ID of the current classification and calls the subcategory

When creating a wordpress theme, we met a need to obtain the sub category list of the current category in a category, and also judge that if the current category has a top-level category, we will obtain the sub category list under the top-level category. First, create a new function in functions.php to obtain the classification ID://to obtain the classification ID. The function parameter is the IDfu of the current classification whose type is int

Wordpress Tutorial 2022-04-15 one thousand three hundred and forty-four 0 Comments

Functions and Switches of Wordpress Development Mode (DEBUG)
 Functions and Switches of Wordpress Development Mode (DEBUG)

WordPress has a development mode, which is officially introduced as follows: developer specific: WordPress debugging mode. Change this value to true, and WordPress will display all prompts for development. It is strongly recommended that plug-in developers enable WP in the development environment_ DEBUG。 For additional information that can be used for debugging, visit Codex. It is off by default. If you want to enable it, open "" in the root directory

Wordpress Tutorial 2022-04-02 seven hundred and forty-one 0 Comments

Wordpress obtains the website title of the previous article and the next article separately

Wordpress has many functions to get from the previous and next articles. By default, it uses the "previous_post_link()" function in the previous article and the "next_post_link()" function in the next article. However, these two functions output a complete A tag. Although they can also be customized, how to customize their output is still html. In some personalized topics, these two functions

Wordpress Tutorial 2022-03-22 seven hundred and nineteen 0 Comments

The post returns 404 after calling "wp blog header". The cause and solution of the problem
 The post returns 404 after calling "wp blog header". The cause and solution of the problem

In the last article, I wrote about "the code and steps for creating a new data table in WordPress". As a result, I encountered this problem. After creating a new data table, you need to add, delete, modify and query it. Wordpress built-in "$wpdb" can be used directly and conveniently. A separate php file has been created. Before using "$wpdb", the "wp blog header. php" file in the root directory should be imported to load wordpro

Wordpress Tutorial 2022-03-05 six hundred and twenty 0 Comments

The code and steps for creating a new data table in WordPress

Today, when customizing for a customer, you need to create a new data table in WordPress, I really don't want to see the source code. I went directly to a search engine and searched "Wordpress New Data Table". After excluding csdn and "it1352", the results were almost the same. Most of them were copied from an article "I love boiled fish". Then I directly copied the code of boiled fish. After testing, I found that the new data table was not successful. Comprehensive

Wordpress Tutorial 2022-03-04 nine hundred and eighty 0 Comments

Solution to the problem that Wordpress calls the article content label and the article content does not break lines
 Solution to the problem that Wordpress calls the article content label and the article content does not break lines

The tag "$post ->post_content" is always used to call the article content when writing the wordpress template, but one user feedback that the article content keeps running. I went to the website and found the problem. Instead of using the Gutenberg editor to publish articles, users used the old editor. The wonderful thing about the old editor is that when editing articles, press the Enter key in the editor

Wordpress Tutorial 2022-02-22 eight hundred and forty-one 0 Comments

The solution to the time zone problem when wordpress uses strtotime

Today, I found a problem when writing a WordPress theme background. The time set in the theme configuration does not match the timestamp output from the foreground. Then direct foreground printing found a problem: $cs_ time=strtotime('2022-01-1709:00:00'); var_ dump($cs_time); result...

Wordpress Tutorial 2022-02-17 seven hundred and nineteen 0 Comments

Wordpress related article function code example

I wrote an article before, "How is the zblogphp related article called? Function introduction of the zblog related article". This article introduces the function implementation code of the wordpress related article. First of all, let's explain what the logic of this related article is. Whether it is zblog or wordpress, the article relevance is related through the tag tag. If two articles have the same tag tag, then the related article module of one article

Wordpress Tutorial 2022-02-13 seven hundred and sixty-two 0 Comments

Wordpress calls specified field article data+specified field sorting

The fields in WordPress's article main table are very compact. The number of views needs to be written to the meta table to query the associated table. If you want to call the article data according to the number of views, you can use the "get_posts()" function: $args=array ('numberposts'=&

Wordpress Tutorial 2021-12-30 one thousand and thirteen 0 Comments

Wordpress Custom Page Settings Custom Route Binding Custom Template

The title of this article is awkward, The detailed description is that the wordpress website needs to add a function page similar to "tag summary", and it does not need to go to the background to add a new page and bind the template, but directly enter the URL of "domain name/tags" to open it, and also bind the specified template file. The requirements are clear. Now let's share the following ideas (statement: I am also a code written for search engines...) 1. Create a new folder under the theme folder for

Wordpress Tutorial 2021-12-24 nine hundred and eighty-six 0 Comments

Wordpress gets the total number of articles, categories, tags, etc

When creating a wordpress template, you will need to call the total number of articles on the website, the total number of categories, the total number of tags, etc. It would be too much to directly query the database with count. Fortunately, WordPress has built-in tags that can directly obtain these values. This article has sorted out some commonly used WordPress website total tags. Total number of articles:<? php $count_ posts =&...

Wordpress Tutorial 2021-12-23 one thousand and eighty-six 0 Comments

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