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Cooperation process

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Cooperation process

one Contact us online, QQ: one billion one hundred and nine million eight hundred and fifty-six thousand nine hundred and eighteen

two Identify your needs( Template Custom/ dedecms / Template modification / website And then summarize the requirements (it is recommended to write a txt text or a word document listing 1, 2, and 3 of the requirements) and submit them to us. (Recommended reading: Tianxing Studio Customized Template/Site Imitation Precautions

three Negotiate on the price. After confirmation, advance the deposit (full payment below 500 yuan, half payment above 500 yuan). Only Alipay is supported WeChat payment QQ wallet/Tenpay and online banking online transfer transactions, please check the details of the collection account:

four We will put it on the test website for you to read and accept after we have done it according to your needs. The acceptance process can provide secondary modification suggestions, and we will make detailed modifications according to your needs. (Recommended reading: Instructions on online acceptance of finished formwork

five After confirming that the acceptance is qualified, we will pay the balance, and we will package the files and tutorials and send them to you online. The whole cooperation is completed.

six After sales service, all services provided by our website provide after-sales service, including bug repair and technical guidance within our capabilities. (For details of after-sales service, please read: After sales service of template making in Tianxing Studio

yes five Comments from netizens:

  •  Flow card

    Flow card Two years ago (2021-11-08) reply

    How to charge for adding a form and product display

  •  visitor

    visitor Three years ago (2021-06-05) reply

    Brother Tian's technology is good and trustworthy!

  •  Headlines

    Headlines Six years ago (2018-09-20) reply

    Can video websites imitate

  •  Netizens of Tianxing Studio

    Netizens of Tianxing Studio Six years ago (2018-05-21) reply

    I have cooperated many times. The front-end technology is really awesome. I have helped to realize many ideas. I am also proficient in the secondary development of zblog programs and plug-in customization! It's really a versatile master. It's a bit unsatisfactory to find someone else to develop programs before. The front end can't be seen after the functions are done! Generally speaking, the front-end artists who can program are very weak, and those who are proficient in the front end are unable to modify and customize the functions of some programs. Since I met Brother Xing, I have realized a whole dragon here, which is perfect! [^_^]

  •  The road ahead

    The road ahead Six years ago (2018-05-07) reply

    The theme template made by Feng Ge of Tianxing Studio is really good. I am a customized blog theme. That is, I have designed the website documents. Before sending the design documents to him, I didn't know whether the effect was what I thought. After Feng Ge finished, the website layout, style and internal functions were very good, It's what I thought before, and the optimization function is also great. If there is a need to customize the theme website, Feng Ge of Tianxing Studio is still trustworthy!

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