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Theme template modification

If you think the theme you are using Template If there is something that does not meet your needs, you can contact us online directly.

Tianxing Studio Undertaking zblog wordpress dedecms Subject of Template modification For service, the starting price is ¥ 100. The specific price depends on the number of modifications and the time taken.

In addition, to avoid disputes, please read the following items before we determine that we need to modify the theme template:

  1. In order to save both parties' time, it is recommended that you write a document in Word that clearly lists the items you need to modify (1,......; 2,......);

  2. We will quote an accurate price according to the demand documents listed by you. When both parties agree to determine the price, we can start the next step;

  3. Theme template modification is usually done in your website For direct modification, we will make a backup in advance. It is recommended that you also make a backup to local at this time to avoid data loss;

  4. As it is directly modified on your website, the modification fee is a one-time payment in advance, which supports Alipay WeChat qq wallet and online banking. See " Click to enter “;

  5. It is especially emphasized that our quotation is only for the items in the documents listed by you, and any additional demand beyond the scope in the later period will need to be paid additionally;

  6. If the problem is caused by our modification, we will fix it for free. Problems include page errors, abnormal functions, etc. (beauty and atmosphere are not problems);

  7. Finally, it is recommended that you make sure you have used the theme template for a period of time before modifying the theme template, and only modify it when you understand and determine what does not meet your needs. In addition, it is recommended that you use more time to summarize the problems that need to be modified, because there is a starting price for modification, which can save more money.

PS: The modified theme template cannot be upgraded. The modified part will be overwritten after upgrading. Please be sure to know this before you decide to modify the template.

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