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Chronicle of Events

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Chronicle of Events

  • To be continued

  • December 2021: domain name Switch from to and start again?

  • October 2019: Finally, the fateful version was revised again. The framework was removed and the CSS was beautified, leaving only the content

  • November 2018: Mixed eating and dying. According to the convention, the theme should be changed, but there is no motivation

  • October 2016: website It was revised again, using the bootstrap framework, and optimized a lot of redundant code through learning.

  • April 2016: The membership system and online payment system were launched, and the website can purchase applications online.

  • 2015: The website has been greatly revised as before, focusing on self-adaption To explore.

  • 2014: The website was greatly revamped, and quite a few js special effects were used, although it seems silly now. (The communication store was closed due to the depression of the communication industry.)

  • A certain month in 2013: a person found me through QQ. Ask me about the website Template Do you want to sell? Open a new door for me. After learning that template making can sell for money, I got stuck in the front end. (At the same time, the website is renamed“ Tianxing Studio ”)

  • 2011: for whim zblog The website has been rebuilt, and the content of the website has been changed to share the first-hand information of Wuhan communication industry obtained when I made my own communication.

  • 2010: The website was hacked and was once ready to close.

  • In 2009, the website spliced with pure static html was ended and replaced with dedecms Made a cms content website.

  • On a certain day in 2008: on an n-hand computer that was bought for 600 yuan, the first version of was created by nesting and nesting table tables in the dw design mode. At that time, the website was called "Tianxing City Communication [the first spelling of domain name]", and I was the boss of Tianxing Communication.

yes three Comments from netizens:

  •  visitor

    visitor 1 year ago (2022-06-05) reply

    Originally, the txcstx domain name was the first. I thought the middle cs was cs1.5

  •  one hundred and eleven

    one hundred and eleven Five years ago (2018-12-09) reply

    The webmaster also became a monk on the way, and finally found hobbies and made a living. Come on, you are the best program ape with kidney deficiency and waist ache!!!

  •  Netizens of Tianxing Studio

    Netizens of Tianxing Studio Five years ago (2018-06-03) reply

    What a legend!

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