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  •  AliMete

    AliMete Five years ago (October 21, 2019) reply

    Hello I'm writing from Germany I want to buy this theme. But I can't afford Alipay and so on are not available in our country/region. I can't help him. Can you help me? Because I really need Hello, I am writing to Germany I want to buy this theme. But I can't afford Alipay and so on is not available in our country. I can't help him. Can you help me? Because I really need it

  •  The website is online

    The website is online Five years ago (September 15, 2019) reply

    Can I increase QQ after buying a template? I have bought the template for several days, but I dare not bother. After all, the price of buying the template is less than 100 yuan, which is super cost-effective. It was the first time that I used ZBLOG to build a website and completed the installation according to the tutorial. The domain name is still on record, and it is still under review eight days later!!

  •  But dust thought

    But dust thought Five years ago (2019-08-06) reply

    Baidu has detected the website as a risk website. It is estimated that it is hacked and will not check the code. Do you have this service? The theme is also yours. It is also convenient to check and estimate

  •  WeChat users

    WeChat users Five years ago (2019-07-12) reply

    When QQ buys templates, the boss is always offline and worried

    •  Tianxing Studio

      Tianxing Studio Five years ago (2019-07-12) reply

      Did you find the wrong QQ? Always online

  •  asong

    asong Six years ago (2017-11-19) reply

    I have repeatedly seen the third, fourth and fifth templates of the adaptive corporate theme of Tianxing Studio, and I like the fifth template of the adaptive corporate theme. But after comparison (mobile phone access), why is there no picture on the left of the column page, only text? The fourth template is fine. Contact you QQ has never replied

  •  Overnight mucus

    Overnight mucus Seven years ago (2017-02-25) reply

    We hereby inform you that the independent blog resource navigation has included this site!

    •  GAM

      GAM Seven years ago (2017-08-07) reply

      What plug-in does the avatar use

  •  Creative workshop

    Creative workshop Seven years ago (2016-11-22) reply

    I hope that a plug-in for uploading pictures locally and changing the avatar can also be provided to members registered on the website. The avatar plug-in platform that comes with the backstage is not easy to use. I hope Tianxing can provide a plug-in for changing the avatar locally and support Tianxing

    •  Tianxing Studio

      Tianxing Studio Seven years ago (2016-11-23) reply

      Upload images locally? It seems that you are ready to play multi user blog.

  •  Netizens of Tianxing Studio

    Netizens of Tianxing Studio 8 years ago (2016-09-23) reply

    I installed z_blog in the wamp environment. After installing the thick jump to the home page, I reported an error. What is the problem? Z-LogPHP error prompt error message (0) UNKNOWN: The relevant page does not exist (set_exception_handler) (150101) File location D: wamp www dudon zb_system function c_system_event.php517 return null; 518 }519 }520 521 $zbp- ˃ ShowError(2, __FILE__, __LINE__); 522 523} 524 525/* * 526 * Display list page request data $_GET=Array() $_POST=Array() $_COOKIE=Array ([timezone]= ˃ 8 [yqvknecookieinforecord] = ˃ , 37-78, [yqvkncheckplkey] = ˃ 1474597945, b631bfac50ce23ec99fd2834acb683741423039c8531d9558c21a6eca43f9837) References

  •  Netizens of Tianxing Studio

    Netizens of Tianxing Studio 8 years ago (January 21, 2016) reply

    I hope to develop a simple mobile phone theme (just a mobile phone theme, not a PC version). It is also beneficial to the theme of mobile phone seo

    •  Tianxing Studio

      Tianxing Studio 8 years ago (January 21, 2016) reply

      I have made three models

  •  the tang dynasty

    the tang dynasty Eight years ago (2015-12-16) reply

    God, when you publish the article, you will be prompted with error: - 1msg: client request's parameters are invalid, what is invalid openid?

    •  Tianxing Studio

      Tianxing Studio Eight years ago (2015-12-16) reply

      God of the Tang Dynasty! Are you kidding me?

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