Solution of inserting flash animation into excel table

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Step 1: First create a blank Excel file. Right click the blank space in the upper toolbar, and then click Control Toolbox to open the Control Toolbox toolbar.
Step 2: After the "Control Toolbox" toolbar appears, right click the "Other Controls" button (a hammer and wrench) at the right or bottom, and then select "Shockwave" from the selection FLASH Object means to insert Flash.
Step 3: Next, the mouse indicator will become a small cross pattern. At this time, you can draw a box of moderate size in the Excel editing area. This box is used to display the content of Flash animation.
Step 4: After drawing the box, right click the box and select Attribute in the pop-up menu to prepare to set the attribute of this element
Step 5: After the "Properties" dialog box appears, find the item "Movie" on the page, and enter the web address of your Flash file or the address in the hard disk in the box on the right. If you want to save the flash in Excel, you also need to set the EmbedMovie property to Tube. After entering, click the [X] in the upper right corner to close this dialog box.
Step 6 After returning to the Excel editing page, click the [End Design Mode] button at the top of the "Control Toolbox" toolbar to restore the normal mode.
Step 7 After setting the properties of the object and returning to the general editing mode, we can see that the Flash file just pasted appears in the Excel file

In Office Excel 2007, the control toolbox is not displayed by default. The solution is to click the Office logo in the upper left corner -- excel options -- customize -- commands not in the ribbon -- find the check box (form control) -- and add it to the menu bar.
Click the Insert button. There is a hammer and a wrench at the lower left corner Icon Other controls. The following steps are the same as above.

Office itself comes with VBA, so if you use WPS, you may not integrate VBA due to copyright issues, which makes it impossible to use the control toolbox. You can search Baidu to download VBA, decompress and right click to install vba6chs.msi, and restart WPS to use the control toolbox.


Preview demo effect Excel: excelflash.rar