Fifty true portrayals of gender relations

informal essay five thousand six hundred and eighteen 12 years ago (2012-05-15)

1. It's hard for a man to have sex with a woman for the first time, but it's easier and easier later; It's easy for a woman to have sex with a man for the first time, but it's getting harder and harder later

2. A man wants to divorce his wife after making money, but his wife wants to divorce him when he can't make money.

3. "Do you still love me?" This sentence will be asked several times by women when they kiss a man for the first time, are touched by a man for the first time, sleep with a man for the first time, and earn the first money.

4. The sentence "Do you still love me?" Men usually ask each other several times when they first attempt to kiss, touch, have sex with each other, or have a low career.

5. Before marriage, men should also let women eat well if they borrow money, and after marriage, women should also let men eat well if they borrow money.

6. The man who has an affair is more and more busy at work, and the woman who has an affair is more and more salty at cooking.

7. When a woman says "hate" to you, she likes you. When a man says "hate" to you, he really hates you.

8. Traditional men are pure before marriage, but they start to mess up after marriage; Modern men engage in promiscuity before marriage and become honest after marriage.

9. Traditional women are honest before giving birth. After giving birth, they begin to fantasize. Modern women fantasize before giving birth and become honest after giving birth.

10. When the family has no money, men like to keep accounts. When the family has money, women like to keep accounts.

11. No matter how bad the relationship between a man and his wife is, the relationship between him and his mother-in-law is also good; No matter how good the relationship between a woman and her husband is, her relationship with her mother-in-law is also poor.

12. Women are anxious when men don't make money, and women regret when men make money.

13. The man entrusted his girlfriend to his brother to take care of him. Finally, his girlfriend became his brother's wife, and he took care of her; Women entrust their boyfriends to their sisters, who become their boyfriends' wives, and they can't be their boyfriends.

14. When a man MLs, he must not think about his wife, while a woman thinks about her husband.

15. A failed man likes to compare his wife with others, and a successful woman likes to compare her husband with others.

16. If a man is fined for parking illegally, he will quarrel with the policy, and the woman will persuade him; If a woman is fined for parking illegally, she will have a quarrel with the man beside her. Policy will persuade her.

17. The biggest trouble for men is too little money, while the biggest trouble for women is too much money.

18. The most useless thing men like to buy is a laptop, while the most useless thing women like to buy is shoes.

19. Men are good at finding the shortcomings of their wives, while women are good at finding the advantages of their husbands.

20. Men have affairs because of impulse, women have affairs because of boredom.

21. Men who have lovers will have a sense of achievement, while women who have lovers will have a sense of guilt.

22. Men's initiative to kiss women is an emergency, while women's initiative to kiss men is premeditated.

23. Before the age of 40, women have the impulse to change husbands, and after the age of 40, men have the action to change wives

24. Men like to buy books and stack the shelves, and then women look at these books.

25. Men and women argue and get angry in the car. If a woman drives, she will slam on the brake. If a man drives, he will slam on the accelerator.

26. If a man has money, he should first change his mobile phone, then his car, then his house, and finally his clothes; Women with money are just the opposite.

27. Men's Studies English It is to prove that she is good. Women who learn English prove that they are not good.

28. The poorest men don't bargain when buying vegetables, and the richest women also bargain when buying vegetables.

29. Behind every successful man, there is a woman's support, and behind every successful woman, there is a bunch of men's support.

30. The man that women hate most is Chen Shimei; Man's favorite woman is Pan Jinlian.

31. When men look at women, they are the most beautiful when they are in love, the most ordinary after marriage, the most ugly when they divorce, and become beautiful after divorce; When women look at men, they are the most sincere in love, the most boring after marriage, the most hypocritical before divorce, and become sincere after divorce

32. For men, the most beautiful woman is a woman who cannot be obtained; For women, the most handsome man is the man who has already owned.

33. No matter how clever a woman is, she is also confused in her appearance, and no matter how stupid a man is, he is also sober in her appearance.

34. Women are always afraid of men's lust, and they are afraid of men's lust when they go to bed; Men always dislike women's coquetry at ordinary times, and they are afraid that women will not coquetry when they go to bed.

35. The most embarrassing thing for a man is that his wife gets drunk and pesters his friends; The most embarrassing thing for a woman is that her husband's friend gets drunk and pesters her.

36. When a woman says to a man, "I know I'm not beautiful", a man should never agree; When a man says to a woman, "I'm really a failure", the woman will definitely object.

37. A man who does not want property when he is divorced must not be a good man; A woman who doesn't want property in divorce must be a good woman

38. A man gives a woman a bra to show that he wants to establish a lover relationship; Women give men underwear, indicating that they have already had a lover relationship.

39. Women are good because they are stupid, and men are stupid because they are kind.

40. If a woman's unit has paid 1000 yuan, she will tell a man that she has paid 1000 yuan and her friend that she has paid 500 yuan; If a man's unit has paid 1000 yuan, he will tell a woman that he has paid 500 yuan, and tell his friends that he has paid 15 yuan.

41. Men who are most afraid of their wives at home dare not contradict their mother-in-law; The woman who is most afraid of her husband dares to contradict her mother-in-law.

42. Women save private money to spend on their husbands in the future, while men save private money to spend on other women in the future.

43. When men face a group of women, they should not discuss their appearance; When women face a group of men, don't discuss wealth.

44. Women like listening to men say that another woman is ugly; Men like to hear women say that another man is a failure.

45. When women comfort women, they often say they are miserable; When a man comforts a man, he often says that another man is miserable.

46. Men are the dumbest when they first wear suits to work, and women are the dumbest when they first wear suspenders to the street.

47. Beauty likes to praise other women for their beautiful clothes, and rich men like to praise other men for their high income. The final result is to lead the topic to themselves.

48. When overseas returnees speak Chinese to Chinese, they should also add a few words of English; When overseas returnees speak English to foreigners, they also have some Chinese words.

49. Men read doctors because of their low IQ, while women read doctors because of their low EQ.

50. Men lie is a habit, while women lie is a need.