Give your stomach some rest time -- teach you how to nourish your stomach

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1. The most nutritious food is noodles; Rice contains more acid, so eat less rice.

2. If you cook porridge, put less soda in it, which is good for your stomach.

3. The millet porridge is steamed bread (not steamed buns), which can nourish the stomach.

4. There are two kinds of drinks you should drink more, one is milk, the other is hot water. Don't drink milk on an empty stomach in the morning, but drink it 1-2 hours after breakfast food Prevent the disadvantage of drinking milk on an empty stomach; Second, eat some foods with more starch, such as steamed bread, before drinking milk; Third, when drinking milk in the morning, you should eat some steamed buns, rice, bread, biscuits, snacks and other starchy foods at the same time, so that the milk can stay in the stomach for a long time, and the milk and gastric juice can be fully enzymatically hydrolyzed, so that the protein can be well digested and absorbed.

5. If your stomach is bad, eat less and eat more.

6. Peanuts are best eaten raw. Take 4 to 6 peanuts before meals. Eating too much will hurt your stomach.

7. Jujube, tofu, cabbage, milk, carrots, spleen and stomach.

8. Apples, pomelos, grapes, oranges, and pears can prevent fat accumulation, replenish heart, replenish qi, promote fluid production, and stop fluid production.

9. Walnuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts, longans, peanuts and other nut foods can be timely replenished with trace elements to benefit bone health.

10. Peanuts and honey are good for the stomach.

11. Black tea honey It nourishes the stomach.

How to nourish the stomach: As the saying goes, "three treatments and seven treatments" for stomach diseases should be carried out on the basis of three treatments. The stomach is like a machine that works non-stop every day. Food will cause mechanical damage to the mucosa during digestion. Maintaining a moderate diet is the key to treating stomach diseases. In addition, high mental tension is also an important reason for stomach disease

1. From life Start with work and rest. At least three meals a day should be fixed regularly. It's better to set a schedule for yourself and strictly follow it. At the same time, this will have an impact on the sleep time, because some people who sleep late and get up late eat breakfast and lunch together, this habit must be changed, not to say that eating midnight snack at night can make up for it, because although the biological clock can move back and forth, it is always within a certain range, which can not make a big difference.

2. Generally, people with poor stomach digestive function will feel full if they eat a little, and will feel bloated if they eat a little more. Especially if they eat more at night, they will also fall asleep because of stomach stagflation. Hard and fibrous things are difficult to digest. Therefore, it is recommended to eat less and more meals. If it is not time for dinner, you can add some food, but not too much. Remember that this is not dinner, and dinner should be eaten normally. The food is mainly soft and loose, and some tough and refreshing things should not be eaten more, because these things are the most difficult to digest. It is best to drink soup before meals. Drinking soup after meals will also increase digestion difficulties. It's better not to eat two or three hours before going to bed, otherwise it's easy to affect sleeping. If you feel empty, you can drink more water.

3. People with stomach disease should quit smoking, drinking, coffee and strong tea.

4. Although soy milk is good, it is cold and cannot replace milk.

5. Steamed buns can nourish the stomach. Try them as a staple food.

6. Other vegetables and fruits are indispensable to the human body, so they should be sufficient. But it's better to cook it soft before eating, so that the stomach will feel better. There is more fiber in vegetables and pericarp, which can be eaten moderately, but not too much. It is not easy to digest, so you can eat more fruits and melons.

7. People with stomach diseases should not exercise after meals. It is better to have a rest until the food in the stomach is almost digested before starting work, or walk slowly, which is also good for digestion. In short, it is not suitable to work after meals.

8. In non acute cases, taking medicine is not recommended, because taking medicine for a long time has side effects, while stomach disease is a chronic disease, which cannot be cured in a short time. If necessary, it is recommended to see traditional Chinese medicine, which is especially effective for nourishing the stomach.

9. Papaya is suitable for the spleen of the stomach and can be used as a food to nourish the stomach, but for people with more stomach acid, do not use too much. Moreover, it must be remembered that the stomach likes dryness and aversion to cold. In addition to ice, other cold foods such as mung bean paste should not be eaten too much.

10. Again, stomach disease is a chronic disease that cannot be cured in a short time. The cure for disease depends on "maintenance". It can only be obtained from the improvement of living habits. We all need a good stomach, and these habit changes are necessary.

Gastric secret:

1、 Develop a good living habit: eat less and eat more, and eat only seven portions of food. Eat well in the morning, eat well at noon, and eat less at night. Avoid overeating.

2、 Change your eating habits: Have meals on time, and do not stand or squat when eating while sitting. Avoid spicy, fried, smoked food such as barbecue, etc., do not eat acidic, too cold and other foods with strong stimulation, do not drink alcohol, and drink less strong tea, coffee, etc. Eat more vegetables and crude fiber foods such as celery, mushrooms, etc.

3、 Active dietotherapy and massage health care: mutton, dog meat and other warm foods have stomach nourishing effects suitable for stomach cold disease; Garlic disinfection and sterilization can help eliminate inflammation, so it is recommended to eat more; In addition, medlar, tremella, red dates and walnuts can be eaten as snacks or vegetables. After dinner and before going to bed, rub your hands together for 64 circles clockwise with your navel as the center. After that, rub your hands and massage your abdomen. Calm down - The occurrence and development of stomach disease is closely related to people's mood and mentality. Therefore, we should pay attention to mental health, maintain mental happiness and emotional stability, and avoid the stimulation of negative emotions such as tension, anxiety, anger, etc~