Please marry me

informal essay five thousand nine hundred and fifty-two 13 years ago (2011-03-07)

Man: Marry me
Woman: Do you have a room?
Man: Rented
Woman: Do you have a car?
Man: Bicycle
Woman: What's your salary?
Male: 20000............. per year
Woman: Ha, why do you marry me?
Man: I love you
Woman: Does it hurt? How much is it?
Man: I love you
Woman: Love? Can you serve as food?
The man flushed and left

Two years later
Man: I will marry you
Woman: Do you have a room
Male: Bay Villa
Woman: Do you have a car
Male: BMW
Woman: What's your salary?
Man: No I pay people
Woman: Well, I'll marry you
The woman then married a man, but she forgot that this time the man didn't say love

Ten Years From Now.......
Man: Let's get divorced
Woman: What did you say?!
Man: Divorce
Woman: Why?
Man: I have a new woman. You are not as beautiful as her
Woman: But I'm your wife
Man: No, you are the woman I exchanged for my house, money and car
Woman: Don't you love me? I remember what you said
Man: But that time you didn't accept it. When you accepted it, I didn't say