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informal essay six thousand and sixty-one 14 years ago (2010-11-01)

  Psychological tests come from the West and are related to people's subconsciousness. I met a friend more than 10 years ago. When I came back from studying abroad, she told me a psychological test called "Crossing the River by Borrowing a Boat". She said that she was taught by her teacher when she was studying psychology. Then I took this test to test countless people, and they were all very accurate. This is not fortune telling, but it can let you know your own needs. Some people refuse to admit that they are like this, but actually they are like this. I have drawn this picture, and you can compare it, but listen to my story first, and then start.


  A man M wants to meet and marry his fiancee F, but they are separated by a river. M must borrow a boat to cross the river to see F, so he starts looking for a boat everywhere.

  At this time, I saw a woman L just had a boat, and M borrowed it from L. L fell in love with M after meeting him, and asked: I love you, do you love me? M was honest and said: Sorry, I have a fiancee, I can't love you. In this way, L Shihuo doesn't lend the boat to M, her reason is: I love you, and you don't love me, which is unfair, and I won't lend you!

  M was very depressed and continued to look for the boat. She happened to meet a woman named S and asked her to borrow the boat. S said, "It's OK for me to lend it to you, but on one condition, I like you very much. It doesn't matter whether you like me or not. But you must stay with me for one night, or I won't lend you.". M is very embarrassed. If L doesn't borrow his boat, S can't cross the river to meet F, and it is said that there are only two boats in this place. For the sake of his fiancee on the other side, he had to agree to S's request and had an SB with S. The next day, S kept his promise and lent the ship to M.

  After seeing fiancee F, M had something on her mind for a long time, and finally decided to tell F the story of borrowing a boat from L and S. Unfortunately, F was very sad to hear that and broke up with M in anger. She felt that M was unfaithful and could not be forgiven. F Lovelorn, very hurt

  Then he life A woman E appeared in the room, and they began to fall in love, but the previous story kept him mad. E asked M if he had anything to say to her, so M told the story between him and L, S, and F. After listening to this, E said, I won't mind. It has nothing to do with me.

  When the story is over, the question comes. Please put these people in order. The criteria are who do you think is the best, the second, the third, the fourth, and the fifth? This M man is also included. It is suggested not to think too complicated, nor need to consider the public opinion. Who do you think does well is good

  Please select your answer first, and then pull down to see the answer.

In fact, the answer is very simple, that is, use your subconscious to tell you what you want most. It's a common problem that you don't know what you want, because everything is very important, and it's not decent to give up anything. But everyone's pursuit of life is really different. Seeing others pursue careers, you also envy and want to do so, but don't know why you can't always do it; Looking at other people's happy marriage, you would like to, but it is really not easy to achieve. It is not so much about luck, but a lot of decisions you need.

I know that someone must be disappointed after reading this answer. That's all. What does it mean? Although the answer is simple, in fact, it contains your values and also indicates your life.

  Let me tell you two stories. The two people in this story are very typical and have tested the game. One was my former band member, a bassist. At that time, he wrote: M, F, S, E, L. He refused to admit this arrangement, because at that time he was still fighting for his music dream, making him admit that it was too humiliating to love money, and he was also a marriage maniac? But I found that he was really such a person. If he had a little performance fee, he sent it to his home immediately joke , earned 400 yuan, and he was embarrassed to borrow 100 yuan from others, saying that he would make up for it. It is not a bad thing to love money, just afraid of not admitting it. Many years later, other people in the band all went their own way. He stayed in the industry, but he played accompaniment in the dance hall. He could make money every day. It is said that he got married soon, had children, and was a responsible husband. Music was his tool for making money, and he lived well. Later, I met him once. I was dissatisfied with him. Although I drove the car, my dream had been dashed. I had no career love Is the day of affluence. I think this is his life path. What he wants is what he wants.

The other is a hostess in Tianjin. I didn't talk to her at that time, so I played this game. Her choice is S, M, L, F, E. When I told her what these symbols mean, she was a little unhappy. I'm not sure. How did she put S first? Because she thinks S is fair and simpler than L, F has too many things to do, E is too indifferent, and M is good, but it is too inky. Everyone understands problems in different ways, which just reveals your subconsciousness. Many years later, I Beijing I met a person who knew her. When talking about the hostess, he said that it was a pity that he had quit the hostess long ago. He had a lot of trouble with many men in his unit. Later, he was fired by his unit and married a rich man.

When I asked my friends, most of them chose E as the leader, which shows that career is still very important for many people, and there is also the problem of distance. For example, you chose career and money next to each other, which is normal. These two items are related. But if you put love first and family last, it shows that you may not rely on marriage, The permutation and combination can be inferred. I think this thing is really prophetic. You will subconsciously pursue what you want. This and your name's life chart are also well documented.

M -- Money

L - Love

S -- sex

F -- Family

E -- Enterprise