A poem by Li Ka shing to encourage employees

informal essay four thousand three hundred and ten 13 years ago (2010-11-05)

         Are You Ready?
——Li Ka shing

When you dream of great success,

Have you prepared hard?

When you are ambitious to be a leader, do you have the humility to serve others?

We often want to get something, but do we have the sentiment of giving?

We all want others to hear us. Do we have patience to listen to others?

Everyone wants to be happy. Do we have any pity for those who are lost or sad?

Everyone wants to stand in front of others, but do we know when we will be willing to be behind others?

You all know what you are pursuing. Do you know what you need?

We often just want to change others. Do we know when to change ourselves?

Everyone knows how to criticize others, but not everyone knows how to introspect.

Everyone values face and hopes to have wealth, but do you know the meaning of wealth?

Dear students, I believe you all have various passions, but do you know what love is?

Every employee is excellent as long as he gets the correct training; Every employee will work hard, responsibly and attentively, as long as he gets the right idea.

Each employee's salary depends on the value he creates for the enterprise.

The more value he creates for the enterprise, the higher his salary will be.