Solution to the problem that photoshop cannot be opened by dragging under Windows 7

informal essay thirty thousand seven hundred and sixty-six 12 years ago (2012-07-05)

One of my designer friends just installed Win7 system and found that Photoshop Cannot drag and open files under Win7 , you can only right click to open it. I have encountered this problem before, and if you use your brain, you will know what the obstacles are Photoshop cannot be opened by dragging

Because every time you open Photoshop or use Photoshop to open a file, the Win7 system will humorously dim your display and pop up a window indicating that a program is changing Windows settings.

So, this problem can be easily solved by turning off user account control. How can I change it? See the following steps:

Method 1:

start ”---“ control panel ”---“ User accounts and family safety ”---“ User account ”---“ Change user account control settings

Set“ Choose when to notify you about computer Changed message ”Change to Never notify OK.

After modification, the system will prompt you to restart. After restart, Photoshop can be opened by dragging and dropping, and you will not be prompted that the disturbing program is changing the windows settings.

Method 2:

If you still cannot drag and open the picture after the above method is set, just modify the following registry key, which can perfectly solve the problem that PS cannot drag and open the picture.

Enter regedit in the running, and then click HKEY_ LOCAL_ MACHINE>SOFTWARE>Microsoft>Windows>CurrentVersion>Policies>System, find EnableLUA and change 1 to 0 (hexadecimal), then restart the computer.