Six must kill techniques for website SEO in 2011

informal essay five thousand and five 13 years ago (2011-04-21)

current SEO It is no longer a simple ranking, but more a comprehensive quality consideration. To improve the conversion rate, bosses need to be quick results and effective benefits. So I am under great pressure with many SEO brothers. As such objective external factors are constantly increasing, the vision and means of SEO in the whole field are changing with each passing day. However, no matter how it changes, some basic work should be down-to-earth. I summarized some common elements, hoping to help novice SEOs quickly grasp the essentials of SEO, effectively analyze the rules of search engines, and achieve the ultimate goal of SEO optimization for website promotion.

First, write a good website program.

A lot of programmers like to use very useful algorithms when developing programs. Due to careless code errors, the program structure is in chaos. Use less FRAME structure, pictures FLASH Please leave a text if necessary. In addition, "keywords" and "description" functions should be available in the program source code. The world is using CSS+DIV, so don't use TABLE.

Second, try to make web pages static or pseudo static.

Although search engine spiders are much smarter and have improved their support for dynamics, it is recommended that websites be made static or pseudo static. Because search engines are easy to find the real web content data base It is difficult to search for the content in, so it is better to make the page static. Of course, many of the current websites are pseudo static, which I won't say much about here.

Third, the writing of meta meta tags should comply with the rules.

Of course, this tag can do many things, but what I want to say is that many Programmers do not act according to common sense. They scribble titles, keywords, and descriptions. Although it has no impact on website browsing, please take care of our SEO brothers and follow the W3C.

Fourth, insist on updating the website.

Many websites may have experienced Baidu snapshot delay, right? To solve this problem, you must ensure that your website content is updated from time to time, at least regularly. The content is of high quality, and it is better to be original. If it is copied from the Internet, it can be modified manually in large quantities. If it can't be fake original, it is not satisfactory. High quality content is valuable to both visitors and search engines. It's unreasonable for search engines not to include it.

Fifth, strive to establish foreign links

External chain construction includes effective external links and high-quality import links. However, it is important to pay attention to the following: Do not import all external links to the same page repeatedly. In addition, pay attention to the relevance and depth of links to website pages.

Sixth, we should have enough patience and perseverance.

It's normal that you can't see the effect in a short time. Don't try to stop. Another phenomenon is that some keywords may get good rankings in a short time, but don't forget. The process of search engine optimization is a process of constant adjustment. The competition of rivals and the constant changes of search engine algorithms require us to have strong psychological endurance and persistent belief in SEO.

Constantly exploring the way of peaceful coexistence with search engines is the king of SEO.