Solution of time synchronization failure in win10 system

informal essay two thousand and seventy-two 1 year ago (2022-01-28)

On January 28, 2022, the problem of Windows system time anomaly occurred in many places in China, and the synchronization time failed. It can be solved by replacing the NTP address of Tencent.

Right click the time in the lower right corner of the system, and select "Adjust Date/Time (A)" in the menu:

 Adjustment date/time

Click the "Region" menu on the left, find the relevant settings under the regional settings, and click "Other date, time and regional settings":

 Other date, time, and locale settings

Click "Set Time and Date" under "Date and Time" in the pop-up window:

 Set time and date

Click the "Internet Time" tab in the pop-up window, click the "Change Settings" button, and The server The address is manually changed to the address in the following figure. Click the "Update Now" button and then confirm. This will solve the problem that the window system time cannot be synchronized.

 Internet Time