Win7 display camera method

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After many friends install the win7 system, open the“ computer "I can't see the camera Icon However, it can be displayed in XP system. But in QQ video It can be used in. I feel a little unaccustomed to it.
The "Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)" service in the current Windosw7 system no longer provides the function of displaying camera icons in the Explorer, so it cannot be displayed without setting.

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Click Start, open the Device and Printer tab, find the camera icon, right-click to select Create Shortcut to the desktop, and then copy the created shortcut to: "System Disk: Users Local Login User Name AppData Roaming Microsoft Windows Network Shortcuts Directory". Because the system is file protected, it cannot be opened directly, However, we can directly open the camera according to the following methods. For example, the system is in disk C, and the user name is toy. Open my computer, find the address bar, and directly copy the path of the directory: C: Users toy AppData Roaming

\Microsoft Windows Network Shortcuts can be opened.