Solution of IIS website not displaying verification code in Windows7 system

informal essay ten thousand five hundred and fifteen 12 years ago (2011-12-14)

Windows7 After the system adds the website directory through IIS, browser Enter the address into localhost/login ASP , can access normally, but can't display the verification code normally, so I couldn't understand it. So I tried many methods on the Internet, but failed. Suddenly I saw an article that mentioned the verification code problem caused by "not enabling the parent path". I don't know whether this is the reason. The parent path is not enabled in the default installation of IIS6, and IIS7 may also not be enabled after the default installation, Then go to the website management, open the "asp" group in the middle interface, set the "enable parent path" item from "false" to "true", and click Application. Open again zblog The verification code is finally displayed normally on the background login interface of. The problem is solved.