Solution to hard disk double click failure

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When your hard disk cannot be opened by double clicking, have you ever thought that Viruses Why? But many times it is found that the virus has been cleared, but it still cannot be opened. What is the reason? Don't worry, let's see how to deal with it.  

Recently, there are more and more Autorun.inf viruses, and they are more and more severe. Recently, they encountered one. Double clicking the drive letter cannot open it, and even selecting "Open" in the right-click menu will prompt an error.  

You should know that there is a lot of useful data stored in it. If it is formatted, it will be lost. Is there no way? Unintentionally, I found a super simple solution.  

Open the Explorer, click the infected drive letter in the left directory tree, and the content in the partition will be displayed in the right content pane. Find the Autorun.inf file, double-click to open it, find the calling target, and delete it together with the Autorun.inf file.  

In addition to the above method, you can also open My Computer by directly entering the corresponding drive letter (similar to "F: ") in the address bar.  

Tip: Viruses are generally hidden, so you need to check "Show all files" in "Folder options" and uncheck the "Hide protected operating system files (recommended)" option to find virus files.  

Interpreting the Autorun.inf file on the USB stick

Speaking of Autorun.inf file, I believe you are not unfamiliar with it. It is widely used in CD making. Its main function is to automatically play CDs, but this application has been used by some viruses, making our hard disks, especially USB disks, suffer a lot. Today we will join with you to ban this abominable practice.  

1、 How to Find Viruses

This virus has very obvious external characteristics, but it is often easy to be ignored. The reason why it is easy to ignore is that it does not slow down the computer, so many people do not notice it. However, if we double click to open the USB flash drive, instead of opening it in the current window, we open it in a new window, then we may be poisoned. Right click the drive letter in "My Computer" to see what the top command is. If it is "Auto" instead of the normal "Open", the possibility of poisoning will be further increased; But to confirm the poisoning, we need to enter E: autorun.inf in the address bar (the E disk must be replaced with the actual drive letter). If the file following the open line in the open file is a file such as sxs.xls.exe, then it must be poisoned.  

2、 How to clear the virus

Don't worry when you find this virus. There are many ways to remove it. Here are some simple methods.  

1. Manual clearing

Since the principle of the virus is to play the autorun.inf file automatically, we can delete it manually.  

Open the "Folder Options" window, switch to the "View" tab, cancel the "Hide Protected Operating System Files" item, and then set "Show All Files and Folders", so that we can view the autorun.inf file in the root directory of the disk, open it, and view the file following the open line. Normally, it should be sxs.xls.exe, However, some variants are other file names, such as tel.xls.exe, fun.xls.exe, etc.  

First delete the file following the open line, and then delete the autorun.inf file. Generally speaking, as long as one drive letter is infected, other partitions will also be infected. Therefore, the same operation should be performed on all partitions.  

Note that manual clearing is only applicable to some objects. If you have made a backup file for the system, you can use the backup file to restore it. After the successful recovery, disk C is safe. Then delete the above files from other disks in the resource manager, which is more thorough.  

2. Antivirus software removal

In fact, if you have installed anti-virus software, you can generally check and kill the virus database as long as you upgrade it to the latest version. In addition, Ruixing also provides orange August killing tools, so we can try them out.  

However, many users reported that the disk could not be opened after being cleared with anti-virus software. This is because the anti-virus software only clears the file following the open line, not the autorun.inf file. When we double-click the partition, the file listed in the open line of the autorun.inf file will automatically run, and errors will occur if the file is deleted.  

Therefore, at this time, you need to delete the autorun.inf file using the manual cleaning method described above.  

Tip: After using the above method to clear, you need to restart the computer to take effect.  

3、 How to prevent

Because USB flash drives are very popular now, when our USB flash drives are used on poisoned machines, they will be infected. When the infected USB stick is put on another machine for use, it will be repeatedly infected. From this point of view, the USB flash drive is the biggest victim. How can users avoid being infected by viruses due to the USB flash drive?  

In fact, it is very simple. As we have seen from the previous introduction, the virus runs mainly by triggering the autorun.inf file when double clicking. If we do not double click, but right click the drive letter and select the "Open" or "Explorer" command to view the contents of the USB flash drive, the autorun.inf file will not run and will naturally not be infected with viruses.  

It can be seen from the above introduction that any application can bring convenience to people if used in the right place, and will harm everyone if used in crooked ways. But since ancient times, evil does not prevail over right. The power of justice will finally stand at the end of victory. We warn and advise those villains not to harm others, or they will be punished one day.