A QQ conversation between a girl and a boy

informal essay six thousand two hundred and thirteen 13 years ago (2011-03-15)

Woman: Are you off duty?
Man: Well, I just took a bath, and now I'm in bed.
Woman: Can you take a bath?
Man: (sweating,) dizzy. Who can help me wash it if I don't wash it? Come and wash it for me? (coyote expression)
Woman: Lothario!
Man: What a man is. (triumphant expression)
F: (speechless...)
Man: Did you have supper?
Woman: No, come and eat with me. (Laughing)
Man: OK, I want to eat more. I'll fly there right away.
Woman: I ate you too!
Male: (sweating+panic expression)
Man: I really want to hug you, will you?
Woman: OK, what's the price?
Man: (sweating) You offer! F: 600 yuan.
Man: (sweating) All rivers and mountains are always in love. How about 80 years without you?
Woman: 520 yuan, deal. But only for a moment.
Man: I'm willing to give up and make another price. I'll give it to you all my life!
F: 2628 yuan.
Man: There is still love in thousands of rivers and mountains. Can you give me a 50% discount? F: (50% of 2628 in the calculation=1314) 1314 yuan, a deal.
Man: (Still unsatisfied) Is there anyone who will live forever?
Woman: Yes, three hundred thirty-four thousand five hundred and twenty yuan, no bargaining.
Male: 3344520 yuan, deal! But I don't have that much money.
Man: Are you going to marry me?
Woman: No, I'm going to marry you!
Male: (sweat,,)