Three alternative expressions of "I love you"

informal essay four thousand nine hundred and twenty-six 13 years ago (2011-03-15)

EPISODE ONE:Say You Love Me Forever!

Woman: Husband, what time is it now?

Man: It's past 12 o'clock. It's time to go to bed!

Woman: Really? Don't you think there's something left undone? Huh?

Man: Let me think&hellip& hellip; The teeth have been brushed, the bath has been washed, the clothes have been dried, and your Korean drama has been watched&hellip& hellip; What else?

Woman: Think carefully!

Man: Well, by the way, the alarm clock has not been set yet. My wife is too careful! If I'm late again this month, the bonus will say "Sayonara" to me.

Woman: No! Husband, think again.

Man: What else? What else?

Woman: Don't you think there's something you haven't said to me?

Man: What? Wife&hellip& hellip; I&hellip& hellip; I didn't hide the vault!

Woman: Who asked you that? You haven't said "I love you" to me today! Without this sentence, nothing else is meaningful!

Man: That's it. It scared me to death. I thought you knew about the travel allowance last month!

Woman: What? How dare you! Tell me everything quickly!

Man: Didn't you just say that nothing else is meaningful except "I love you"&hellip& hellip;

EPISODE TWO:Hey! Darling! Just Do It!

Woman: Honey, what's tomorrow?

Man: Tomorrow? I don't remember. Is it pay? This is the only thing I remember since I started work!

Woman: Husband, tomorrow is a very important day. You dare to say that if you forget, you can sleep in my study!

Man: Why did my wife get mad when she said that? Let me see. Your birthday? My birthday? Whose birthday is our parents??

Woman: The more you talk, the more ridiculous you are! Tomorrow is our three-month anniversary!

Man: Ah! Three months?

Woman: Of course! Every extra month! You haven't said "I love you" to me for a long time. Hurry to take this opportunity to say 100 times to atone for your sins!

Man: 100 times? When I finish speaking, my tongue will break! Well, can I ask a spokesperson to speak for me?

Woman: Lazy, what are you doing?

Man: My wife, please calm down. This is my spokesperson!

Woman: Ah! The platinum bracelet I always wanted! Husband, how do you know I need it?

Man: Honey, I may not remember the anniversary, but I won't forget the look you liked when you saw this bracelet at the counter of the store! By the way, what it wants to say for me is: Dear wife, happy three weeks after marriage, I love you!

EPISODE THERE:Say or Do,It’ s a Question…& hellip;

Woman: Good heavens! Husband, why did my silk evening dress become wrinkled like a rag?

Man: Didn't you say there was some juice on it? I threw it in the washing machine and twisted it for you. Then I put it out in the sun in the afternoon.

Woman: My god! This is silk. Why don't you wash it!

Man: Honey, didn't we decide since last week? We say "I love you" to each other every day, and those who don't say it will punish him to do housework. Didn't I forget to say it yesterday?

Woman: Then please do something else! My silk evening dress! Husband, you should pay me!

Man: If you help you with housework, you should also pay for it? Then you forgot to say "I love you" last time, so you were punished for ironing my tie for me. Who knows that you answered LILY's phone when you were ironing half of it. After half an hour of gossip, that tie still has three holes, like the moon in the three pools of the West Lake&hellip& hellip;

Woman: Who asked LILY to tell me about the personnel transfer next month? This may give me a chance to get promoted!

Man: My tie became a victim first! You also have to compensate me, which is AMRNI anyway!

Woman: Then you should pay for my evening dress first! That's PRADA!

Man: Oh, my dear wife, I just found that we have forgotten something very important.

Woman: What is more important than my PRADA?

Man: It's past 12 o'clock today. We both forgot to say "I love you".

Woman: Ah, really! Oh, it's twelve thirty. How can the clock go so fast.

Man: Wife, let's be punished together! Go and buy a new dress and tie tomorrow.