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Linode VPS - the most stable and cost-effective VPS provider

As our webmaster needs to build a website, the virtual host can meet our requirements at the beginning of the website construction, but later we will definitely choose VPS host or server. Whether it is a domestic or foreign host provider, there are individuals or companies who want to make money in a short period of time, or who want to work hard all the time. After several years of development, it seems that VPS hosts have Leader Linode must be one of them.

If you have used the Linode VPS host product before, you must know something about it. It doesn't matter to a novice. We can look at the comments given by any domestic or foreign users. We like to call it the "Gao Fu Shuai" host product. Previously, 512M solution products also required a monthly payment of $19.95 after four upgrades. At present, the lowest 1G memory solution, 1T traffic, and 20G solid state SSD hard disk only cost $5 a month, which is about 35 yuan (adjusted in February 2017).

 The latest 2014 scheme of linode VPS

Linode VPS has launched a scheme of monthly payment of $10 for 1GB of memory

Linode VPS host products have eight data centers: London, Newark, Atlanta, Dallas, Fremont, and Tokyo. In particular, Tokyo in Japan and Fremont in the United States are preferred by Chinese webmasters, and the speed is very good. It should be noted that at present, if we need to purchase, we can only pay by credit card, and other payment methods are not supported. If we don't have a credit card, we can use Tenpay to open an express card or many people have one Payoneer card Purchase (If you need Lao Zuo's help, you can ask me to purchase it).

Many people are also asking about Linode discount code The problem is that there is no discount for their products, unless we can get 10-15% discount for annual or two-year payment at one time, and there is no discount for monthly payment (only monthly payment is allowed for new accounts). Students who need to buy can refer to“ Tutorial of purchasing pictures and texts for Linode VPS "Purchase (now there is no monthly payment scheme, all calculated by month, no discount).

If you also need to purchase Linode, go directly to the official purchase:

Why we choose the Linode VPS product

First, fast, multi machine room

There are six of the best data centers in the world, especially for Japan, where Asian lines are very good. Fremont is very fast, with an online rate of more than 99.99%. At least I have used the machine for more than a year, except that I restart the machine once every few months. There is no official restart.

Generally, our Chinese webmaster users will choose Japan or Fremont data center, and if there is a European foreign trade demand, they can choose London data center. If we need to switch the computer room after selecting the data center, we can submit the TK to the official for processing. We can switch the data center at will without paying additional fees.

Second, 24-hour online customer service

If we need guidance when we have problems using linode vps, we can search for online solutions by ourselves, because there are many users of this VPS. Basically, the problems you encounter have been proposed and solutions have been given. If you need an official reply, you can directly submit the ticket in the "Support" menu of the account background, and we can get a reply within 5 minutes, Is this service speed comparable to other businesses?

Third, stability and technical improvement

Linode VPS has a self-developed panel and strong technical support to ensure the stability of the machine. Don't think that some vendors' machines are cheap. Those machines are reduced on the basis of overbooking, which is equivalent to reducing the quality. It has never been said that data loss and website downtime are caused by VPS performance problems or personal instability, unless the whole global line is very poor and may be affected. Even if the official needs temporary maintenance, they will also notify us in advance (there was a time when I was notified 2 weeks in advance that I would maintain for 5 minutes at a certain time on a certain day two weeks later).

Choose which scheme is suitable for our use

At present, according to the official scheme data, the minimum scheme is 1G memory, 24G hard disk (SSD), 2T monthly traffic, and of course, there are other 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and other schemes. If it is not enough, we can directly upgrade the scheme we need in the background. From 512M to 512M, Laozuo has always used the current 2G memory scheme (2GB for me). In terms of which scheme we are suitable for, the 1GB scheme based on the general user base is sufficient.

If our website is not used enough, we can choose to upgrade according to the actual situation.

 Linode VPS upgrade

How to purchase a Linode VPS host product

A: We must first go to the official website: , and then register new users first

 Newly registered Linode user

Fill in the email, user name and password to be registered directly on the home page, or sign up on the top right corner of the home page.

B: Activate mailbox

After submitting the registration, we need to activate the email, and then reach the following account interface.


C: Fill in personal information

It is better to fill in personal information truthfully, especially credit card information. We need to fill in it truthfully and then submit it before deduction. By default, we need to recharge first and recharge according to our needs.

Supplement: Input of new registration promotion code podcastinit2018 $20 for free (no clear expiry date)

After confirming that there is no problem with the information, we click the "Add Credit" button to submit it. After confirming the deduction, we just need to wait. Generally, our new account will be approved within 1-2 hours.

Note: Generally, credit card and ID card accounts that need to be verified and activated will be randomly selected. Here you can refer to“ About the pending activation of newly registered Linode account and the activation verification of credit card and ID card ", complete account quick activation.

D: Launch Linode VPS product

 Newly added Linode VPS

After adding, our machine will be launched. What we need to do is to install the system and build our own projects. If you are not familiar with the tutorial, you can refer to“ Tutorial of purchasing pictures and texts for Linode VPS "This tutorial is written in detail.

About payment of Linode VPS

At present, the newly registered account of the Linode product can only pay a monthly fee deduction. Laozuo, the old account, sees that it can still pay annually. It is estimated that it may be adjusted later. By default, it is charged by hour. It is 0.03 dollars per hour, and the maximum is 20 dollars per month (2GB scheme). Anyway, our website will last for 24 hours. If we don't want to use it, we can delete the current product, so that the remaining money is in our account, so that we can continue to open the machine when we use it next time.

Finally, so far, the Linode VPS product is one of the best XEN VPS hosts. At least the number of users is huge in terms of price performance, performance stability, and convenient services. If you think it's good, Fanfan also chooses the Linode product.

If you also need to purchase Linode, go directly to the official purchase:

You can only pay by credit card when purchasing Linode VPS. If you don't have a credit card, you may have to find someone else to purchase it. It is recommended that you pay monthly when purchasing Linode VPS, and find some reliable ones. Of course, the more important thing is to back up the data yourself.

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