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Kloxo Management Panel Installation Tutorial

Lao Zuo wrote several articles about kloxo before Management Panel I found that there is no tutorial installed in the previous article. Now add this tutorial on installing kloxo panels on centos. I have used kloxo myself. It's still complicated. We can choose some domestic ones Management Panel After all, the improvement in China is based on our own user experience.

Kloxo Management panel download and installation

sh ./ --type=master

Any key installation

 Kloxo management panel installation tutorial

Kloxo management panel installation tutorial

To make SSH work, we need to wait. During the installation process, you need to enter Y twice to confirm the terms before continuing.

Wait and wait, and then we need to enter a password.

After installation, we can use the following address to log in for management:

https://IP Address: 7777
http://IP Address: 7778

If you see the interface above, you are successful.

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