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Sugar Hosts Candy Host Christmas Promotion US/Hong Kong Virtual Host as low as 60%

SugarHosts We are familiar with candy hosting companies. Laozuo's candy virtual hosting companies have been used since he learned to build the website in his early years. At present, they are one of the few companies that provide virtual hosting, including virtual hosting machine rooms in Hong Kong, the United States and Germany. The CN2 speed of the Hong Kong computer room is relatively fast, and the American computer room provides optimized lines and ordinary lines suitable for foreign trade business. German European computer room is a virtual host suitable for European business.

 Sugar Hosts Candy Host Christmas Promotion US/Hong Kong Virtual Host as low as 60%

Candy hosting companies generally do not release the "Black Five" activity. They do have Christmas promotional activities. We see that the Christmas promotional virtual hosts released by candy hosting companies are as low as 60% off, starting from 26.99 yuan per month, and the cloud servers are as low as 24.5 yuan per month, including Hong Kong computer rooms and Los Angeles computer rooms in the United States.

First, 30% discount for virtual host

Sugar Hosts Candy Hosts Virtual Hosts Shared Baby, Shared Pro, and Shared Business are three mainstream package solutions, and machine rooms in Germany, Hong Kong, and Los Angeles can be selected. During the Christmas period, the two schemes of Shared Pro and Shared Business are as low as 20% off, with unlimited traffic and space, unlimited number of stations, and free independent IP.

programme disk website data base flow
Shared Baby 10GB 2 2 200GB
Shared Pro infinite 20 20 1000GB
Shared Business infinite 35 35 2000GB

Merchants also have mini virtual hosts that support single site entry purposes.

programme disk Number of websites data base Monthly flow Annual payment three years
Tiny G1 500MB 1 1 50GB 67 yuan 161 yuan
Tiny G2 2GB 1 1 100GB 99 yuan 240 yuan

Second, SugarHosts ECS

SugarHosts candy host vendors launched VPS around 2013, and started to provide ECS last year. This is the current mainstream that uses a new generation of cloud virtualization technology, with high resource utilization, superior performance, and comprehensive improvement of disk read and write speed. SugarHosts currently provides Hong Kong ECS and US ECS products, which support Windows or Linux systems, including unlimited traffic schemes, starting from 24.5 yuan per month.

Package plan Memory core Hard disk flow Original price/month Discount
Cloud UL1 1GB 1 core 20GB Unlimited RMB 49 24.5 yuan
Cloud UL2 2GB 1 core 40GB Unlimited 69 yuan 34.5 yuan
Cloud UL3 4GB 2 cores 80GB Unlimited 139 yuan 97.3 yuan
Cloud UL4 8GB 4-core 160GB Unlimited 279 yuan 195.3 yuan

In conclusion, there is no need to use the discount code for the Christmas activities of candy host companies, and the discount is directly defaulted.

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