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Free Linux VPS management panel: AMH

Amysql ( AMH )Developed for Chinese people Linux VPS Management Panel In the user group of VPS webmasters, not everyone can skillfully use SSH to operate the host. There are still many novices who want to use VPS and can only or conveniently use the WEB panel to operate. See today AMH The release of version 2.0 should be considered as starting to mature, and it is also necessary for Lao Zuo to share this Chinese Management Panel , share the installation tutorial together.

 Free Linux VPS management panel: AMH - Page 1

The installation method is as follows:

wget ; chmod 775; ./;

SSH input the latest 2.0 version and press Enter to install

 Free Linux VPS management panel: AMH - Page 2

1 is for installation, 2 is for uninstalling the panel, and 3 is for exiting. When we choose 1 to install, we will be prompted that our VPS IP address has asked us to enter the MYSQL password, enter it twice, and continue to press Enter. The same process is to waste time waiting. Let's leave it alone. The installation will be completed in ten minutes.

After installation, we can enter http://ip:8888 Log in for management. The default management account is admin

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