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Time and strategy summary of receiving red packets on Tmall's Double 11 in 2020

Since 2009, Alibaba has been planning to launch this day as an online shopping carnival for many years. Every year, the sales volume has been growing crazily. For the most demanding users, if they must have some recognition ability, they can still save a lot of costs. For the left and most users, they may want to pay more red packets, By the way, you can enjoy some small things for free. Of course, there are also various seckill activities. We still have many netizens who use their own technology to make seckill tools and red packet software tools, and can still make a fortune in these activities.

This year's Tmall's Double Eleven Festival is different from the past. From the strength of publicity and the richness of products, it is unprecedented. Moving the main venue to Beijing is bound to exert pressure on JD, which is slightly competitive. At the same time, the publicity and influence of the video media gathered in the Double Eleven Festival, as well as overseas products from dozens of countries and regions, are also involved, Our personal concern is that the red envelope activities are much richer than before. Since the 24th of yesterday, the first wave of red envelope activities has begun, and many netizens have also received red envelopes. After this activity, Laozuo has also compiled a strategy on Tmall's getting red envelopes on the Double 11.

Maybe, if we are lucky, we can also get some red envelopes. For example, I get red envelopes every year and then buy some books, glue, tape, rags, socks for free. In short, we should learn to refrain from spending money (if we have money, it doesn't matter).

First, the red packet grabbing activities that can be participated in at present

A - Red packet grabbing on PC and mobile terminals (starting from 10.21)

PC side view link:

Mobile WAP end view link:

 Red packet grabbing on PC and mobile terminals

 Red packet grabbing on PC and mobile terminals

 Red packet grabbing on PC and mobile terminals

We can choose WAP on PC or mobile phone to draw lottery. There is a limit on the number of times per day. I didn't see the specific instructions. I drew about 20 times, but I didn't count them. You can participate every day. The face value of the red envelope is 1 yuan, 2 yuan, 5 yuan, 10 yuan, 20 yuan, 1111 yuan, and you can accumulate 10 uses. I didn't say how much the amount is.

B - Red packet distribution of the Double 11 Carnival City (opened on November 1)

PC side view link:

Mobile WAP end view link:

This activity can receive 5 red envelopes per person every day. You just need to go to the carnival city to find stores, and then play the game accordingly. In fact, the score of the game has little to do with red envelopes, but it depends on luck. There will be more red envelopes every hour, and the red envelopes will double after 10 o'clock.

 Double 11 Carnival City Red Packet Distribution

When it was just opened, Lao Zuo was relatively smooth. He received 5 directly.

 Receive red envelopes on Double Eleven

Second, the introduction of other Double 11 red envelope activities

According to the sponsor's publicity, it is said that there are 3 billion red envelopes and shopping vouchers issued. From November 11 to November 10, we should have other activities and participation methods to receive red envelopes. As far as we know, there will be a red packet rain every day at the designated hour from November 9 to November 11, Alipay will order red packets from November 5 to November 10, and other second killing activities.

To sum up, no matter how many red packets are distributed and whether they can be received, this is just for fun, and we should not waste too much time. After all, this thing really depends on the character. Some friends are good at second hand killing. No matter what kind of lottery they participate in, the chances are higher. This is the same as when we buy VPS. Some people buy machines that never go down, Some people shut down once every few days.

PS: If you have good skills of second killing and red packet grabbing, you can also discuss them in the group, especially some good red packet grabbing software. Anyway, you can share them with your group friends.

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