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About the free account balance of $20 given by BudgetVM

Yesterday Lao Zuo shared something“ Get the BudgetVM for free, and give the account balance of $20 "After the information, many friends should have received and used the $20 account balance as a gift. According to the official VPS host scheme settings, we can purchase the 512MB OVZ VPS host with an annual payment of at least $5 in advance. In fact, it is still good. However, there are several problems that may arise. Last night, Xiao Tang, I met two friends who said that when they bought a VPS host with an annual payment of $25, they were directly deducted $25 (directly from their own payment account), instead of the so-called price difference of $5.

So, Lao Zuo also opened a radio station on the spot. After all, he needs to understand the principle of the radio station. Otherwise, publishing such information will harm everyone. In fact, in theory, we also encounter service providers that give away account balance. For example, if the account has $20, we only need to recharge $5, and then we give priority to deduct from the account balance or select the account balance when making payments.

However, there is a big problem in the background of the BudgetVM merchant. It is estimated that the function has not been improved yet. They have no recharge option later, which makes it difficult to determine where to deduct the money. However, the problem can still be solved. Lao Zuo solved the problem in this way.

PS: The latest information, the official has not allowed the purchase of $25 and $35 machines for $20

Step 1: Select a scheme and payment method

 About the free account balance of $20 given by BudgetVM

Like other VPS host purchases, we choose the required scheme, and then choose the ALIPAY Alipay option when making payment. After submitting the order, we do not pay. A lot of friends were directly deducted $25 because they used Paypal to pay, and they were directly deducted from PP. Here I use Alipay to see how much I have to pay. If it is more than 150 yuan, there must be a problem. I will not pay.

Second, contact customer service through TICKET to process bills manually

After seeing that we need to pay $25 instead of $5, I submitted a TK in the background, and we can directly ask them to modify the account. $20 goes from the balance of the account, and here I am directly given a $5 bill. When I asked how to use the balance, they manually processed the bill for me.

 Contact customer service through TICKET to process bills manually

In this way, we can solve the problem by paying only 5 dollars. What if we have friends who have been directly deducted $25? We can submit a TK, explain the problem, and then request that all the extra deducted money be recharged to our account with the account balance for future consumption, or allow the refund of the extra deducted part.

Third, whether the new account can receive gifts

According to the official statement, only a BudgetVM account that has already been consumed can earn $20. However, some netizens have said that the new account has the cheek to give it. If we are a new account, we can try it. Lao Zuo won't try here, because I have three old accounts and have already received $20. I'm really sorry to ask for the balance again.

Official website address:

If you do not have or want to ask for the balance of the gift, you can ask for it before the end of the month (31st), online customer service or submit a TK.

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