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Linux VPS Backup Tutorial: Manually Backup Website Data

In fact, Lao Zuo also agrees that not all websites need to adopt automatic backup, and automatic backup every day is unnecessary, unless our website is very important. Generally speaking, we adopt Manual backup The website in VPS is OK. Usually left likes to back up the website once a week, which should be a good frequency“ Automatic scheduled backup of database/website files "This method is more suitable for data that is important and cannot be maintained in front of the computer for a long time.

For example, some friends often go on business trips, and when they return, they open the website and find that the data is missing. Such friends still need to automatically backup. Small blogs or websites can adopt the following ones shared by Lao Zuo Manual backup Method of website. Since I prefer not to use the panel when using VPS, the operation backup can only be performed in SSH.

First, for database backup, if your database is small, you can directly log in to our phpmyadmin and export it. If the database is large, you can use the backup function provided by the program to the directory or use the popular Imperial Backup King to backup the database to the website file directory.

Secondly, you can use the tar or zip compression command to compress the website files. I have introduced it before Zip compression command Method of use, and How to use tar

 Manually backup website data

Finally, after the compressed package is backed up, we can download it via FTP. If we are afraid of the trouble of downloading, we can also send the FTP command to another FTP space remotely. Lao Zuo will introduce the use and practice of FTP commands in detail in the following article. I feel that this method is also good. You can backup without downloading to the local.

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