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How to set Payoneer card for Amazon affiliate collection

Many netizens in China are engaged in overseas Amazon Amazon Associate The specific way of CPS project is similar to that of Taobao customers in China (it should be like this, which Lao Zuo has never done). Like most overseas alliances, the collection problem is relatively troublesome. Generally, we send them by check, and then we collect them after we get the check. It will take at least a month to see the beautiful knife properly back and forth. Several articles were introduced before Payoneer card In fact, it can solve the collection problem of most overseas alliances. To some extent, some users may think that the taxes are higher (such as the annual fee of $30, and 1% of the service charge), but it is convenient enough to be faster than checks.

A few days ago, a netizen saw what Lao Zuo introduced“ CJ Alliance Settings Add Payoneer MasterCard Prepaid Card to Replace Check Collection Method "Article, ask if there is any Amazon Associates And some online tutorials, including the official ones, have failed (the league interface has been revised). Take some time in the evening to sort out the articles required by this user, so that other users may also need them.

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Step 1: Log in to AMAZON Amazon Associates backstage

 Log in to the AMAZON Alliance background

See the "Account Settings" text link, and click.

Step 2: Select to modify the collection account

 Modify AMAZON payment method

Select Change Payment Method to modify the payment method.

Step 3: Set Payoneer card collection


Select Pay me by direct deposit and fill in the information. For specific information, we can see the reference from the background US account of card P.

 Fill in the P card account information by reference

Enter the corresponding information.

Step 4. Save

After the settings are completed, we save the settings, and then wait for the regular release of the alliance funds by Amazon Alliance to be directly credited to our PAYONEER card account. If the PAYONEER card is collected for the first time, it is required to provide proof of the source of funds.

A needs us to provide Amazon account and screenshots of collection information;

B Provide the scanned copy of our ID card and the screenshot of personal information consistent with our Amazon collection account

In this way, through the above four steps, you can complete the convenient PAYONEER card collection settings of Amazon Alliance.

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