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Lao Zuo's blog has been sharing articles on VPS configuration and site building with everyone these days. It can only be regarded as the basic application at the technical level and the subsequent maintenance, The improvement of VPS use efficiency still needs continuous learning and then sharing with everyone. I was maintaining the paging problem of the WORDPRESS program for half a day this afternoon, because Lao Zuo liked the WP theme, so I didn't change it. However, the page titles of pagination and classification are duplicate, which should not be friendly to search engines and users, and they haven't been solved in an afternoon. An email has been sent to the subject official, and I hope there will be a reply. If a friend knows how to solve the problem, he hopes to help.

To get to the point, Lao Zuo would like to share with you today our suggestions on how to choose the VPS host. Because Lao Zuo is currently using Linode VPS Fremont was chosen as the route, but there was some reason why Tokyo, which is closer to us, was not chosen.

First, don't look near and far. Don't assume that the computer room is close to us, and the speed will be fast. Because we can't feel the speed, we may go back and forth several times a second. We mainly look at the performance and users. The line stability in some American areas is better than that in Tokyo, especially the speed of opening Fremont line on my current telecom network is good, but opening their Tokyo line at night is particularly slow. Don't measure by distance, we should test by ourselves. It is said that the Unicom line is good in Tokyo.

Secondly, public praise. When we choose VPS, whether we choose a service provider or a computer room, we should choose word of mouth. You can look at other people's comments. If it is not good, you can't say that you can't use it. According to your own PING or download test, or even purchase a monthly product test.

Finally, payment method. VPS should never pay annually. The Linode I bought is also paid monthly. Don't covet the annual payment with a discount. Many times, the line is unstable after a few months of use, or there are a lot of people running away from the host.

about VPS line Our choice is measured by our own actual use. Generally speaking, we use Los Angeles, Fremont machine room is very fast.

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