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Plesk host panel introduction and basic functions

For the host panel, we may have heard of cPanel. This is a Linux server based virtual host panel that is used more. In fact, if we use an overseas Windows virtual host, we will see that it is used Plesk panel Plesk's panel also has a long history. It is a leading WebOps hosting platform for running, automating and growing applications, websites and hosting businesses. So far, Plesk runs on more than 384000 servers and automates more than 11 million websites and 15 million mailboxes. Plesk provides services in more than 32 languages in 140 countries, and 50% of the global top 100 service providers cooperate with Plesk.

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Here, let's take a look at the features of the Plesk panel.

1. Cross platform compatibility

We may know that the plesk panel is used to support the win virtual host. In fact, the Linux host also supports it.

2. Simple and easy to operate

The plesk panel, like most panels, has been very simple in user operations after N years of iteration. We can create a site, add a site, backup, and so on.

3. One click installation program

Plesk panel provides one click installation and deployment of more than 100 common applications such as WordPress, Discuz, Magento and Drupal. We should know this in the cPanel.

4. Multi user management

Multi level user permission management is provided. Administrators can assign different permissions to different users to achieve more refined management.

This plesk panel is paid. If we want to use it, we can also apply for the experience activation serial number.

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