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Quickly deploy the WEB environment in Windows VPS/server by using the fast ECS assistant

Lao Zuo has previously shared that the pagoda panel, which is relatively easy to use at present, supports rapid installation of the WEB environment in Linux and Windows VPS/servers, deployment of websites, and system building( Windows VPS/Server Installation Pagoda Panel Building Tutorial - Pagoda Panel Installation )In fact, there are many similar software on the market, including UPUPW, which some of our friends like( Using UPUPW to set up Nginx/Apache web environment in Windows VPS/server ), PHPSTUDY, and various so-called IIS assistants.

In this article, Lao Zuo wants to share that the fast cloud server management assistant provided by Jing'an can also deploy the WEB environment in the Windows VPS host, including the membership version and the shared version. The former needs to have a Jing'an fast cloud account. Should it be more functional? In this article, Lao Zuo has a simple experience to see how the software is installed and how efficient it is after installation.

First, download address of fast ECS panel


From the function introduction, the membership version has many functions such as image acceleration and cloud backup, but others are similar. In this article, Lao Zuo installed their membership version.

Second Express ECS Assistant install

We directly connect to the Windows VPS remote desktop and open the software download installation package to install directly.

 Express ECS Assistant Installation

During the software installation process, we will see that IIS needs to be installed, so after we see the icon above, click "Quick Install", and then the installation will be completed automatically.

Here we can see the successful installation Express ECS Assistant

Click "Environment Detection Management" to see the WEB environment software that can be installed, such as PHP, FTP management, and PHPMYADMIN. After installation, we can create the site.

Third, how to add and manage sites

You can create a site, select PHP or not, and bind the corresponding directory.

 How to add and manage sites

If we need to add a MYSQL database, we can add it according to the figure above.

If we finish creating, we can add a website program to the corresponding site directory, resolve it to the server IP, and then install the site through the wizard. Support ASP and PHP programs.

IV. Summary

1. The Express Server Management Assistant can quickly create a WEB environment in the WINDOWS VPS server.

2. The friendliness of the interface is fairly good, and the stability can only be known after testing in the actual project.

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