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What if domain name renewal is expensive? Methods to effectively control domain name renewal costs

By the end of the year, Lao Zuo had just spent more than ten minutes simply sorting out the domain names in his account to see if he needed to renew them. Generally, I will sort out the domain names that need to be renewed in the next year at the end or beginning of each year. But have we found that the registration and renewal costs of domain names are relatively expensive nowadays. For example, I just saw that the renewal of COM domain name in Tencent Cloud costs 85 yuan, and Alibaba Cloud also needs 75 yuan after renewing the coupon for COM domain name. Similarly, even if there is no coupon in foreign countries, the domain name needs about 80.

How do we deal with such high domain name costs? Whether there is an effective way to reduce the cost of domain names, here Laozuo simply talks about his own views.

1. Delete domain name holdings

With the continuous mainstream of We Media, we see that the website traffic on the PC search engine side is decreasing, and the demand for domain names is also decreasing. Even if we do a website, we don't need to register or buy expensive short domain names. We can also register a three spell domain name or a combination domain name directly. Therefore, it is unnecessary for us to invest in the so-called value domain names. Of course, if there is a particularly good domain name, we can sell it as soon as possible. There is no need to stay. The cost can be reduced by reducing the number of domain names held, and it can also be realized in advance.

2. Follow domain name promotion activities

We can pay attention to the preferential activities of the service provider where the domain name belongs. For example, the domain name I used before, which has a full discount, can be renewed for five years at a time. Compared with the cost, it is still cost-effective. Or we can reduce costs by transferring the service provider. Our transfer service provider will ask for a one-year renewal, which is cheaper than direct renewal. Some friends said that we don't like to put it in other service providers. We can transfer and renew it 60 days later.

In short, with the popularity of the We Media era and the recent adjustment of search engines, it is also necessary for us to reduce the number of websites. Or we can transform to the We Media industry. It is time to consider not only the traditional search engine, but also the fine model adjusted by Baidu.

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