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What is the default root password for Ubuntu? Authorize to enter root user

If our netizens find out when installing the ubuntu system on the server, the default root account may not be accessible. At first, we thought that the root password was incorrect, so we also reset the password from the service provider. In fact, in consideration of the security of the system, some host vendors or since 18.04, by default, are not the enabled root user, but the ubuntu user, or there are other users.

We need to use non ROOT users when logging into SSH. Then log in and use the sudo command to switch to the root user.

If some of our friends cannot log in to the ubuntu system, we need to do two checks.

1. Reset root password

If we are sure that the password is incorrect, we can reset the password through the service provider and then log in.

2. Right raising entry

If we check that it is not root user management, we need to use a custom user to enter, which depends on the default user given by the service provider. Then, access root and manage.

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