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What is OpenShift? Organize the features of OpenShift

OpenShift is a cloud native application platform based on containerization and open source technology, developed and maintained by Red Hat (now IBM). It provides a complete set of tools and functions for building, deploying and managing container applications.

 What is OpenShift? Organize the features of OpenShift

The main functions and features of OpenShift include:

1. Container orchestration

OpenShift uses Kubernetes as the container orchestration engine, which can automatically manage and schedule container applications to achieve high availability and elastic expansion.

2. Multi tenant support

OpenShift supports multiple projects or teams to share the same platform. Each project has an independent isolation environment and resource quota.

3. Automated deployment

Through OpenShift's construction and deployment pipeline, applications can be easily migrated from the development environment to the production environment, and continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) can be achieved.

4. Service orchestration and service discovery

OpenShift provides service orchestration capabilities to manage dependencies and communication between applications. At the same time, it also supports service discovery, enabling applications to automatically discover and connect to other services.

5. Monitoring and logging

OpenShift provides a centralized monitoring and log management tool, which can monitor the performance indicators of applications in real time, and collect and analyze the log data of applications.

6. Automatic expansion

Through OpenShift's automatic scaling function, the number of container instances can be automatically adjusted according to the load of the application to meet the needs of the application.

7. Security and authority control

OpenShift provides rich security functions, including authentication, authorization and access control, to protect applications and platforms from potential security threats.

8. Multi cloud support

OpenShift can be deployed and run in private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud environments, providing flexible deployment options for enterprises.

OpenShift is a powerful cloud native application platform, which provides rich functions and tools to help developers and operation and maintenance teams build, deploy and manage container applications more easily.

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