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Where is a free COM domain name? Whether the free domain name is reliable

A friend asked if there is a free COM domain name? Of course, there are. For example, we see some promotional activities of virtual hosting companies. If you buy a virtual space that pays more than an annual fee, you will be given a COM domain name annual use qualification. Of course, you need to renew it the next year. In addition, it is rarely seen that COM domain names are free. Of course, some unconventional domain name suffixes are free, so Lao Zuo will talk about the reliability of free domain names in this article.

1. Free COM domain name

Even though I mentioned above that the free COM domain name is basically presented with the hosting company when buying virtual space. However, if we renew in the next year, we need to renew at the hosting company or transfer out of the service provider. However, some host companies do not allow our domain name to be transferred out only in their service providers.

If we choose a free domain name, it must have ownership and can be freely transferred out of management, so that it can be used for regular long-term website business.

2. Other Domain Name Suffix

For free or extremely cheap domain name suffixes, we need to see whether the domain name suffixes are commonly used. If the free domain names are not commonly used, such as TK, they are useless. Registration is not recommended. For irregular suffixes, even if the first year is cheap, we can use them for the first year. Renewal is not recommended.

In a word, we pay every penny for every product. Free domain names may cost us too much. We should be careful about cheap domain names or free domain names.

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