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Which is easier to use, github or gitlab? What is the difference between the two

Where does our Git warehouse use at present? Github provided by a third party platform is used, and there is also a self built gitlab. Which is easier to use, github or gitlab? Both github and gitlab are platforms that can host code, but the difference is that github has private warehouses and public warehouses, and the former requires charges. However, if we use gitlab, we build it by ourselves through open source code. To break this restriction, gitlab can build a private warehouse for free and deploy it on its own server. The only difference is that we need to build it by ourselves.

How to choose github and gitlab?

1. General requirements

If we have ordinary personal needs, we recommend using github free warehouses directly. At present, the products under Microsoft are more stable and secure than other conventional warehouses. The functions provided are also relatively rich. It is much easier than building our own gitlab, which can be used directly.

2. Value added demand

If we use more private warehouses, we need to pay for github. We can build a warehouse through gitlab for free. However, we need to provide certain technical building and maintenance capabilities, such as backup data.

Laozuo personally suggested that ordinary users should use the free github directly. If our team or enterprise has many uses and the cost performance and security are considered, the self built github should be more secure and loose. From the perspective of code privacy, GitLab is a good choice. However, if the project code is shared by open source, it can be directly hosted by free GitHub.

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