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Megalayer merchant Singapore native IP address VPS host network environment and performance test

What's the use of VPS hosts with native IP addresses? Some of our friends' games or servers in specific countries and regions must use pure native IP addresses to open business, while most broadcast IP addresses are not. For example, streaming media business, foreign exchange business, and game business need specific IP countries and regions. At this time, the native IP address plays a role.

yesterday, Megalayer New businesses Singapore native IP VPS For the host, the annual payment is 249 yuan, and the 1GB memory and 3M bandwidth configuration are used. Laozuo has got one, and is ready to record the test results below. Their lines are CN2 optimized networks.

computer room Configuration scheme Bandwidth line Price Select address
Singapore (native IP) 1-core 1G/50G SSD 3M optimized bandwidth 249 yuan/year Select Scheme

First, global node PING speed measurement

Here, check to see whether the PING of this Singapore native IP address and CN2 optimized line loses packets.

 PING speed measurement of global nodes

The PING delay is relatively stable.

Second, check the route test

Here, let's take a look at the journey of three domestic nodes.

 Test the route

After all, some friends are domestic users who work remotely and need to use them, so the travel and speed are relatively critical.

Third, configure streaming media and CPU test

 Configure streaming media and CPU test

The streaming media test tool provided with this script is not comprehensive enough. There was a script before. Remember that you can test more streaming media. I will add it when I find it.

IV. Random node download and upload speed measurement

Let's take a look at upload and download speed measurement.

Fifth, return line random test

 Random test of return line

To sum up, the native IP address of the Megalayer merchant Singapore VPS For hosts that need native IP addresses, you can check whether they do.

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